My Nyx Haul

So, recently I went on a little Nyx splurge in my local Boots. I was so excited that this affordable, yet great, makeup range was so readily accessible on my doorstep.. Ok, not quite my doorstep, but wouldn't that be amazing?

Anyway, I did a little damage, and here is what I have got to show for it.

This is up there as one of my favourite primers. It is not unlike Benefit's Porefessional but at only a fraction of the cost. This keeps my makeup oil free till at least lunchtime and feels comfortable  and light to wear under any foundation.

I wasn't that keen on the butter. Maybe I just picked the wrong shade? Or I just need to give it a bit more of a chance. I just found it quite uncomfortable to wear as well as the colour not being as pigmented as I expected.

This has to be one of my favourite products. The shade was a perfect bright pink, it applied really easily and lasted. Maybe not as long as my Kat Von D lip products but it came a pretty close 2nd!

I loved this lip liner. I think it's my favourite one actually. I love the colour, the texture, and  the application is extremely easy. The only downside is that I have used it to the bone and now it is time to sharpen it.. Anyone else have that fear? I have lost quite the legendary lip liner to sharpening woes.

I had heard so much about brow pomades when I bought this I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Granted, I do prefer a brow pencil just for swiftness and less mess, but I found this product really made my eyebrows look finished and more professional. I guess I will just have to learn a steadier hand at 6am whilst I am rushing to get ready for work. I bought this in Brunette.

What has everyone else been loving from the Nyx range recently?