2 Sep 2016

My Nyx Haul

So, recently I went on a little Nyx splurge in my local Boots. I was so excited that this affordable, yet great, makeup range was so readily accessible on my doorstep.. Ok, not quite my doorstep, but wouldn't that be amazing?

Anyway, I did a little damage, and here is what I have got to show for it.

This is up there as one of my favourite primers. It is not unlike Benefit's Porefessional but at only a fraction of the cost. This keeps my makeup oil free till at least lunchtime and feels comfortable  and light to wear under any foundation.

I wasn't that keen on the butter. Maybe I just picked the wrong shade? Or I just need to give it a bit more of a chance. I just found it quite uncomfortable to wear as well as the colour not being as pigmented as I expected.

This has to be one of my favourite products. The shade was a perfect bright pink, it applied really easily and lasted. Maybe not as long as my Kat Von D lip products but it came a pretty close 2nd!

I loved this lip liner. I think it's my favourite one actually. I love the colour, the texture, and  the application is extremely easy. The only downside is that I have used it to the bone and now it is time to sharpen it.. Anyone else have that fear? I have lost quite the legendary lip liner to sharpening woes.

I had heard so much about brow pomades when I bought this I just had to see what all the fuss was about. Granted, I do prefer a brow pencil just for swiftness and less mess, but I found this product really made my eyebrows look finished and more professional. I guess I will just have to learn a steadier hand at 6am whilst I am rushing to get ready for work. I bought this in Brunette.

What has everyone else been loving from the Nyx range recently?


  1. You got some lovely items. Pity about the lip butter, that is exactly the exact shade I've been hoping to get my hands onto.

    I got the contour kit about a month or 2 ago and I love it. My only criticism would be that Nyx is on the pricey side for drugstore here in South Africa. The pore filler retails for about R100 (about 8 dollars/ 5 pounds) less than the Benefit Porefessional, but I'm not sure about the quantity for each, so that may be something I need to look into.

    That brow pomade I need to look into. I'm a MAC pencil kind of gal myself <3

    1. Exactly the exact shade in case I wasn't clear....lol. I've lost my mind today...ha ha

    2. Gosh! It retails here as over £10 cheaper. Maybe £13 or something. I haven't bought porefessional in quite a while!

      I have wanted to try a MAC brow pencil in ages, and a lip one at that too! I just can't seem to make up my mind whenever I go in there!

  2. When NYX came to Boots i swore i would buy everything and i haven't even tried one product yet but i really want to try the butter products, they have great reviews x


    1. Haha! I was the same. I bought these months ago and I keep going back to have a look but nothing has grabbed me. It's either that or the counter is just too ridiculously busy!

  3. The soft matte lip creams are sooo good! I've bought 4 shades this month! I also really like the lip suedes by NYX too! Such good value for money :) great post!

    Neelam | www.neelamjayna.blogspot.co.uk xx

    1. Oh! I must try the suedes! I would love to try lingerie too but I still don't think they stock them here yet!

  4. As soon as I found your blog through Bloglovin' I had to click on the NYX post! I love the brand ever since it came over to the UK but need to explore more, especially in the liquid lipstick area! Can't wait! Love all of your pictures, such an inspiration to me! xx



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