30 Sep 2016

Review: Eau de Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant Fragrance

I am loving new scents recently. My Christmas list is just getting longer and longer with all the perfumes that I want.

Anyway, if you are on the lookout for a new every day perfume I think I have found the one for you in the form of Eau de Lacoste Pour Elle Elegant Fragrance.

I love scents that aren't too sweet, I don't know why, I guess I just find them quite insipid. They always smell so wrong on me too. However, this fragrance is clean, fresh and quite a classic scent. It is also really feminine which is important when the scent isn't particularly florally. It is quite an elegant fragrance which makes it so versatile and would do well as an evening scent too.

I found it was so long lasting too, I threw the bottle in my bag just incase I needed to top up throughout the day, and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually really didn't need to. Which leads me on to say how perfect the size and shape of the bottle is, perfectly handbag friendly.

Affordability also comes into my decision when purchasing fragrances (Ok, maybe not so when it comes to Jo Malone, but still..) I know what you're thinking, Lacoste isn't what you would first think of when it comes to perfumes, but this one is definitely not one to be ruled out. At £30 for 30ml, I really think it is good value for such a lovely fragrance.

The packaging is just so luxe too, if you are like me and thinking about Christmas already, this would make the perfect gift for 'her'. I love the little fabric crocodile, I really think it jazzes up what might have been a very plain, and boring bottle.

If you have tried this perfume, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Love, Jo.


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