The Weekly Edition #29

Does anyone else struggle for opening lines to blog posts? Must be just me then! Last week was a bit of a disaster really. The house is a mess, everything has been moved into our bedroom, and it is all so cramped and messy. If you know me personally you will know I have a small problem with tidiness and all things in their place etc.

So, with that in mind, on to my week;

01.  If you hadn't already have guessed from my tweets, work has finally started on the house and I think it is safe to say it is an absolute nightmare. There is just dust everywhere and I have had to each night after coming home from work hoover and mop the whole house at least twice. Apart from the mess and James putting his foot through the ceiling whilst cleaning out the attic, it's looking good so far.. I will do a bathroom tour when it's all done.

02. I had the weekend to myself this weekend. I was officially a stag do widower, and that is not to say I didn't enjoy it, far from it! I got the most beautiful flowers, a kind of I will miss you/consolation prize from James, I had a relatively successful trip to the Trafford Centre, Manchester on Saturday, and baked a Bakewell Tart (In true Bakeoff style) and saw my dad on the Sunday. I also managed to watch a couple of films I have been meaning to watch in like, forever, and got a bit of blogging done.

03. I am also running a small MAC eyeshadow giveaway on my Twitter that you should definitely enter. You can win a MAC All That Glitters eyeshadow!

04. This week is a busy one for me. I have work all week, another doctors appointment on Thursday, and if all goes well, a bloggers event, then the Bloggers Blog Awards on Saturday! Typically with all the stress of the new bathroom etc. I have gone and gotten a cold! At first I thought it was just the dust making my nose feel a bit squiffy, but boy! Was I wrong.

05.  Like I mentioned above, I had a bit of time to watch a couple of films I have been wanting to see for ages and play around with my Spotify app. If you haven't already you have to download the soundtrack to Me Before You, not only did I bawl through the movie but the music near brought me to tears too!