An Autumn MAC Haul

I was so well behaved in August that I had a little bit of money left over in September, so what do you think that meant? A small splurge in MAC of course! I really needed some new Autumn bits, and this is what I bought..
I haven't been wearing as many lip products as normal bar lip balms. Being newly pregnant doesn't allow for  much glam so I wanted to treat myself to the perfect Autumnal lip. Let's face it, I don't need to tell you how good I think MAC lipsticks are

This is actually a repurchase. I first bought this in New York last year and I ran out about 6 months ago. I actually purchased the Too Faced Lip Insurance in its place but it just wasn't as good. This product primes your lips to an inch of perfection for that all important matte lip application.

I have been wanting to try a proper eyelid base in so long and I am so glad I purchased this. I noticed the difference straight away. Even if I wasn't applying an eye shadow, it didn't half keep my foundation/concealer in place. My skin can get quite oily, so usually I am prone to that pesky crease line you get from face makeup. Gross.

I actually got this from Sophie's (from Tom & Sophie) video on her holiday makeup. I have always admired her makeup, and loved the natural shimmer and glow this eye shadow gives off.

Zoom Fast Lash Sample
I loved the last sample lash product I got (False Lashes in Extreme Black) so I thought I would try another one. I was so disappointed with this. Firstly I didn't like the style of the spooley, which is so important. It then applied with clumps, and it was a nightmare to remove at the end of the day. The coverage was absolutely fantastic but that was the only positive.