Review: Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Skin Clay Mask

I have been using Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Skin Clay Mask for well over a month now and I thought it was about time I shared my thoughts on it.

It is quite a pricey face mask at £45 hence why I wanted to write this review. Originally I had seen it on a well known YouTube channel and was convinced enough to take the plunge (blogging can bankrupt you, ya know?) Usually if I go by well known blogger recommendations I am pretty disappointed with the product too, but I suppose for them they get a fat wad for the exposure and a nifty free sample so what do they care?

Thankfully for her, and me, that wasn't the case this time. I liked it, mostly for the indulgence of it. I liked the way it left my skin feeling, I loved the floral scent, and the fact it wasn't chemical-ly at all, and the way it applied so easily.

I was a little bit disappointed that it wasn't like one of those masks that dried out even though the product is meant to have clay in. I don't know why? I guess I get some kind of strange satisfaction when removing it? Or the fact that it really feels like something is working. But this mask stays relatively moist throughout, and on removal my skin did feel that little bit more nourished, plumper and hydrated. Although, whether these results where visibly noticeable and my skin was 'goddess' like is debatable.

I was told at the counter when purchasing it that it was great to use before big days and applying makeup, but I found it was nice just as a midweek treat. A congratulations for getting to Wednesday kinda thing.

Like I said, application is easy and can be applied using your fingertips, or if you are feeling extra fancy, a brush. I then left it on for about 10 minutes before gently removing it with a cloth and some warm water.

I would recommend this product if you are specifically after something quite luxurious, otherwise I am pretty sure there are other, cheaper, face masks out there that have the same effect. The price is definitely something to be considered, although I have had this product for about 2 months now and use it about 3 times a week and it still feels like I have loads left.