The Weekly Edition #31

Admittedly this post nearly didn't happen. You know when you get that really disinterested writers block? That, and a pretty rubbishy week has seen Flourish & Blotting take a bit of a backseat. Well, not anymore! I am back and more determined than ever to post 4 times a week..!

Anyway, on to my week;

01. This has been an incredibly rough week in terms of emotions. I feel so drained, gosh darn these pregnancy hormones. Although, this week saw us view our first nursery (yes, you do have to book that far in advance!) book a course of antenatal classes (not cheap!) and the silver lining was getting some good blood test results back which meant I have a potentially very healthy pregnancy so far. Now I just desperately need to purchase some pants that fit me! Where is good for maternity clothes?!

02.  In answer to this rough week I only thought it right that I book in some time with my favourite gal pal. We are going to see Girl on the Train and gorge ourselves on Pick 'n' Mix. Naturally.

03. I am loving the shorter days in terms of daylight. Everything is just that little bit more cosier. It makes flicking on those fairy lights and curling up in bed early all the more acceptable. There's that, and the Christmas chocolate that is popping up on supermarket shelves everywhere. My current favourite is Lindt's Hazelnut Lindor. They are currently on offer in Sainsbury's. GO!

04. I am completely obsessing over Francis and the Lights at the minute. In particular the song Friends from the album Farewell, Starlite! It is such easy listening and so mellow. I found it perfectly suited for the week that I just had.

05. I am thinking of taking a bit of time off work as soon as the building work has been completed on the bathroom. We have been told it should be finished by Tuesday (fingers crossed) but other work will resume in about 3 weeks. If you didn't know we are getting some major jobs done on the house, including moving the boiler, ceiling reskimming and a refurbished extension. I was only going to take a days holiday just for a massive blog catch up, including new reviews, photographs and social media bits. So watch out for some new content heading your way soon!