The Weekly Edition #33

Here I was thinking I was having the most boring, standard week ever and I happen to be involved in a little car accident Friday. Don't worry, me and baby are fine after being checked out at the Women's, but obviously not a fantastic finish to my week.

Anyway, on to my week;

01. I went out for a family dinner on Tuesday night, and the food was actually pretty good. I think I will definitely be going back to give it another go sometime soon. I had falafel and fried halloumi to start, and then steak and chips for main. It doesn't sound like much but, that steak.. YUM! Next time I will be trying dessert, you know, got to make sure all courses are up to scratch.

02.  Can you believe I have already started watching Christmas films and TV specials already? (I won't mention that mince pies and cream have also been consumed this week) I swear I get earlier and earlier every single year. So far I have watched Home Alone, Arthur Christmas and Gavin & Stacey's Christmas Special. Please tell me I'm not alone in this!?

03. Speaking of Christmas I think I will be partaking in Blogmas this year. Planning has already began and I am super excited. If you want anything included in it, don't forget to drop me a line on my Contact page.

04. So, I mentioned in my introduction about Friday's indiscretion, but despite the bruised and scratched knuckles, and internal examination I had to endure, I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time! It was so unbelievably cute (and an absolute relief) to hear it pumping away. I was warned at first that I might not be far along enough to hear it, and she didn't want me to worry, but I decided to go along with it anyway. It was worth the risk because she found it within seconds and it was the nicest sound I have ever heard.

05. What do you think of Flourish & Blotting's new look? I couldn't sleep on Saturday morning and fancied a bit of a change. It has certainly given me a bit of a boost when it comes to planning and getting stuff done on here.