The Weekly Edition #34

First off, Happy Halloween! I am not one for making a big fuss of this holiday, hence why you haven't seen much from me in the terms of Halloween makeup, costumes and treats. I am much more of a Christmassy person. I am in my absolute element then, so watch out!

Anyway, on to my week;

01. Thankfully this week has been relatively uneventful compared to last week. I have started thinking about decorating as the next part of the house renovations should be starting in the next couple of weeks. Fingers crossed it will all be done before Christmas so I can finally pick up a paintbrush.

02. I guess I needed a bit of cheering up last week, so I ordered myself something special for Christmas, my first beauty advent calendar if you hadn't already guessed.

03. I am really looking forward to this week. We are going to see a standup act and I am visiting London. We are only there for a short while, but if there is anything I have to see/do. please leave a comment below. I am thinking of doing a short vlog... but we will see!

04. I have been meaning to watch The Fall in so long, and this week we finally sat down and watched it. I love it. The storyline is so dark, confusing, yet intriguing. We are only 4 episodes in but I can see us watching all 3 series in no time. Thanks Amazon Prime for stealing my life.

05. Wha I have also gotten back into American Horror Story. I loved the first 3 series but really couldn't get into Freak Show. Hotel though, wow! I found myself wanting something spooky to watch on Thursday night whilst I was alone, and this was absolutely perfect.