What I Will Be Watching This October

October, Halloween and Autumn. All my favourite things rolled into one. I certainly will be the perfect blogger cliche and curled up under a million blankets, eating my weight in chocolate whilst watching the following things.

Hocus Pocus
What would Halloween be without this film? I really wish they would hurry up and make the sequel now. The bit with Binx at the end always brings me to tears.

Monster House
I love this film even though it might be not as well known as my other picks. I adore the animation in this film, it's more on the edgy side and it isn't like your typical Dreamworks/Pixar films.

On this one occasion I feel that the movie was far better than the book. I know, weird right? This film is kind of like Monster House in it's content and animation but I think it is fair to assume I am a lot more obsessed with this film than all the others. I went through a period of this being all I really watched. It's brilliant.

The Corpse Bride
I love watching this film, it always leads me nicely on to The Nightmare Before Christmas in November. Christmas films in November are a lot more acceptable in November, right?

Sabrina The Teenage Witch
Another complete classic. I got the boxset for Christmas about 2 years ago and it still remains my favourite gift ever. Salem is bae. I can't wait until the new series starts, yes, you heard me right. Sabrina is supposedly coming back but it is based on her daughter instead. Cool, no?

This is such a classic. To be honest, it doesn't really have to be October for me to really enjoy and appreciate this film. If you have never seen it I definitely I suggest you give it a watch. It has aged so well and I still think it is pretty relevant now.

I know it seems like I don't really watch scary things, I do, just not that often. I prefer more of the old, classic, fun type movies/TV shows.

What will you be watching this October?