30 Nov 2016

10 Christmas Things..

.. I am looking forward to this year, and every year I guess! You may think this post is a little bit premature but I kind of figured I am doing half of these things already even though it's not even December yet.

28 Nov 2016

The Weekly Edition #38

Well, I had an unexpected, but needed 4 day working week last week. I somehow managed to sleep through my alarm on Friday (that's pregnancy for you!) and I decided to take the day as a holiday since I was leaving work early anyway to go to the dentist. I just can't seem to shake my panda eyes recently.

27 Nov 2016

Dear Santa, I Have Been a Very Good Girl

Funnily enough, I haven't really thought much about what I want this year. Usually I have a list as long as both my arms. This years lustings are a little extravagant and completely pie in the sky when it comes to receiving any of them, but a gal can dream, right?

25 Nov 2016

Sharing My Shelves: Baby Books

I am just as guilty as the next pregnant woman when it comes to Dr. Google. I don't know what it is, I just can't help myself.  However, I am trying to curb those natural instincts to look up every twinge and just stick to the written facts. So, below are my picks for the perfect pregnancy resources.

23 Nov 2016

Lush Liverpool's Christmas Spa Experience

So, last Wednesday I was lucky enough to be invited to the Lush Christmas Spa Experience* in Liverpool. Suffice to say it had me feeling completely festive and smelling lovely after it. If you want to see more from the event, check out my Instagram stories.

21 Nov 2016

The Weekly Edition #37

What a week! To be honest, I am pretty glad it is over. I think I need a long overdue holiday.. Speaking of holidays, we have just booked our summer holiday! The first one as a threesome. To say I am a little bit nervous would be an understatement, but France, here we come in 2017!

19 Nov 2016

Makeup Medley #5

My aim is to do a Makeup Medley at least once a month just to keep you up to date with what I have been enjoying wearing on my face recently!

18 Nov 2016

Sweet Eats in London

I am becoming a bit of a sweet treats connoisseur when it comes to places in London. I know I don't live there anymore but it still doesn't mean I can't enjoy what it has to offer in the line of the most gorgeous delicacies.

16 Nov 2016

Winter Lip Shades I Can't Live Without

I love a good winter lip as much as the next gal. I like ones that don't require much maintenance but still give off the perfect winter look. Below are some of my favourites.

14 Nov 2016

The Weekly Edition #36

I must be on some sort of roll for busy weeks. Last week was a bit slow on Flourish & Blotting purely because I have been planning Blogmas and I had a few family things to do which meant writing posts for last week kind of fell by the wayside!

13 Nov 2016

Autumn Eyeshadow Picks

Everything pretty much changes in this season, am I right? Lipsticks, the colour of the leaves, even the denier of your tights! Well, it is getting colder!

11 Nov 2016

My October Favourites

I definitely need to be more organised when it comes to my favourites each month. I think next year I will change my favourites to quarterly, like, seasonal? This months is definitely smaller than usual, and more lifestyle than beauty unlike last month.

7 Nov 2016

The Weekly Edit #35

So, I am typing this curled up in bed watching The Grinch. I have had quite the busy week, and to say I am a little bit tired would be an understatement. I have even been sleeping through my regular needing the loo in the middle of the night routine because I am that tired!

6 Nov 2016

Good Autumn Vibes

This is just a little post on what I appreciate most at this time of year, I had a bit of a bad week last week and I thought this would be perfect timing to remind myself of the little things.

4 Nov 2016

Recipe: Perfectly Simple Flapjack

October, and just the winter months in general have me reaching for the comfort food.. Well, at the minute pregnancy has me reaching for all the food in the cupboards. This recipe for flapjacks is tried and tested by me and is amazingly simple. I tend to always have the ingredients already as kitchen staples so there is no limit as to when I can make these.

2 Nov 2016

The First Scan

No doubt the first scan is incredibly scary. Let’s not sugar coat it, petrifying is probably a better word to use. A million and one thoughts race through your head like; is the baby ok? Have I imagined this whole thing, and a thousand other what ifs. If you didn’t know what happens at your first scan, let me elaborate..
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