27 Nov 2016

Dear Santa, I Have Been a Very Good Girl

Funnily enough, I haven't really thought much about what I want this year. Usually I have a list as long as both my arms. This years lustings are a little extravagant and completely pie in the sky when it comes to receiving any of them, but a gal can dream, right?

from Topshop
This just looks so cosy, and I am long overdue for a new one. I love anything with a hood and this has the added cuteness factor of teddy bear ears.

This lens looks absolutely amazing, and I have heard only good things about it. I dream of those romantically blurry backgrounds and perfect bokeh.

by Apple
I have wanted one of these watches for a while but I keep changing my mind on how much I REALLY need it, hence why it's on this list. I mean, if it's a gift it's ok right?

Photoshop for MacBook
I am still using Paint Shop Pro on my old laptop for any computer graphics/photo editing so, this is more of a practical gift than anything else!

from YSL
Longshot, I know, but like I said, a gal can dream. Also, how out there is it when I have the card holder to match already?!

from T3
I have wanted the Whirl Trio for about 10 months now after seeing it on another bloggers YouTube channel. It's kind of perfect timing too since my other curler has just recently broken.

in white
I really want a pair of good bluetooth headphones, and since these are quite expensive I would appreciate it if anyone can suggest a cheaper pair in the comments below. I had a pair of in-ear Beats headphones which I loved until they broke!

by Mejuri
I absolutely love the ear jackets from this website but they have stopped making them in silver, so in my opinion I have gone for the next best thing. How cute are these crawlers? I love how subtle they are too.

from Oral B
I have wanted an electric toothbrush for so long, and on my most recent trip to the dentist has made me realise how lucky I have been not to have any fillings at the ripe old age of 31. I mean, you only get the one set I might as well take really good care of them, and the fact that they are rose gold doesn't factor in to my decision at all..

from HUDA Beauty
I don't own anything from HUDA Beauty so I thought I would dive right in there with one of the most expensive products.. Makes sense right?

ASOS/John Lewis Giftcards
For all my maternity fashion/Charlotte Tilbury needs in the upcoming months.

What are you asking for this Christmas?

Love, Jo.



  1. The dressing gown looks so cosy - I've spotted a similar one in M&S which I might get!


    1. Oh! I didn't think to look in there! The teddy bear ears sold this one to me though! X


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