19 Nov 2016

Makeup Medley #5

My aim is to do a Makeup Medley at least once a month just to keep you up to date with what I have been enjoying wearing on my face recently!


This is one of my favourite mascaras, after Roller Lash of course.

This is one of my favourite eye shadow palettes. It's compact but you can pretty much go from a day look to a night look with just a few minor touches. I usually take this palette away with me if I am travelling as it is so versatile. 

I don't use this product as often as I should really. Waking up at 6am every weekday morning means I just want something that is quick and not very fiddly. I usually use this when I am going out somewhere special as the result is far more finished than when I use just a pencil.


The colder weather combined with indoor air conditioning is really drying my skin out. No matter how much I moisturise I definitely need that extra bit of help with this primer. It also smells like summer holidays which is a bonus. It doesn't necessarily keep my skin oil free but it definitely helps with the tightness.

in Sand Beige
The range of shades for this foundation is fantastic and the fact that this particular foundation is for oily/combination skin is great. Plus, the pump applicator is amazing.


in Fair/Medium
This is fast becoming my go to palette for everyday subtle contouring and blush. It is expensive but I am nowhere near hitting pan yet and I have had it for about 6 months now.


in Clever
I have been trying to get used to using lip products again after I went through a spate of just using balms (the unglamorous life of the first trimester) and this lip pencil is perfect. It's thicker than most and so moisturising. It is quite a nudey pink too which means it is basically my lips, but better.

Love, Jo.


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  1. I'm just reading your post in bed this morning and I love it! Your photography is amazing, I need to get me some scatter sequins for sure! Xx


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