The First Scan

No doubt the first scan is incredibly scary. Let’s not sugar coat it, petrifying is probably a better word to use. A million and one thoughts race through your head like; is the baby ok? Have I imagined this whole thing, and a thousand other what ifs. If you didn’t know what happens at your first scan, let me elaborate..

Obviously everyone’s experiences are different. Luckily mine was relatively straightforward. 

First things first is filling up that bladder, and oh my, never in my life so far have I felt so uncomfortable. It was near impossible to walk (what I really mean is waddle) and even stand for too long. I had to even unbutton my trousers I was that bloated. Unfortunately this is a necessary evil to make for a successful scan. I made sure I drank plenty of water 2 hours before my appointment and at least 2 litres need to be consumed an hour before the scan. As you can probably tell I am really looking forward to my 20 week scan when I get to do this all over again. Cue crying face emoji. 

I had to wait a little bit, which was more than excruciating with my new ‘water baby’. I was then  called into the room by the sonographer. I  laid down on the bed, tucked some tissue paper into my knickers (as my trousers were already unbuttoned remember?) and lifted up my jumper. I was asked about Downs Syndrome screening, and I could be talked through what that meant but believe me, the minute you get pregnant the leaflets start flooding in. I felt I was pretty well informed already. 

There was a TV screen in front of me and James, separate to the one of the sonographers which made it perfect for watching. All of a sudden this black and white, but hella clear, image came up of the baby. It was amazing. Measurements (length and neck) were taken, which actually put me a week before my expected due date, and then the baby even started to wave. 

My arteries were then checked, I am not really sure why but then I was finished! I was then asked how many pictures I wanted, and the charge per picture (Yes, there's a fee!) I definitely found it an odd experience, almost out of body? Like, I couldn’t quite believe that this was happening inside me, even when I was being ushered out clutching the very precious pictures in my hand. 

I then went on to have a straightforward blood test as part of the screening for Downs Syndrome.

Despite everything, seeing the baby was amazing. I would have loved to hear a heartbeat, but the fact you could literally see it pumping away on screen was more than enough. Everything is so far, so good with my test results, and even though I felt pretty distant at the actual scan, the next day I kind of felt like I was falling a little bit in love with it every time I looked at the picture. Cheesy, I know. 

If you have had a baby, I would love to know your experiences in the comments below.