The Weekly Edit #35

So, I am typing this curled up in bed watching The Grinch. I have had quite the busy week, and to say I am a little bit tired would be an understatement. I have even been sleeping through my regular needing the loo in the middle of the night routine because I am that tired!

Anyway, on to my week;

01. As you may, or may not know I visited London this weekend, and I had the best time even though we were only there for the night. I didn't vlog because when I wasn't looking for the nearest toilet, I was having to take regular rest breaks as my lower back was making it near impossible to walk for long periods of time.

I was also going to write a blog post on the trip but it was relatively uneventful! I was a little bit disappointed that they had changed the way in which the lottery for discounted tickets worked for Aladdin. It is no longer done on a daily basis, but a weekly one in which you have to sign up for on their website. So, if you are going to London anytime soon and want tickets don't forget to check that out.

02. I also have some new recommendations! When we got off the train I needed food, so we headed to the very unassuming Albertini near Euston station. I had a bacon foccaica and James had the scrambled egg with pesto. Both were delicious and relatively inexpensive for the centre of London. That night we went to The Hill in Greenwich for dinner and again, it was inexpensive but the quality of the food and the staff were amazing. I had the Tricolore to start and a Calzone for my main. James had tuna to start and Seco de Chivo (lamb) for his main. Being pregnant and the cravings (aversions) to certain foods make me so disappointingly unadventurous, but obviously it is worth it in the long run.

And finally! For some amazing Christmas decorations (and blog props) I came across this cute little shop called Flying Tiger. Everything was really affordable and even their home range was pretty spectacular.

03. I have been feeling the baby move quite frequently now. It's such a strange sensation. At first I just thought it was digestion (aka wind for the not so discerning of you) but after a while I was able to tell the difference. I even felt the tiniest of kicks the other night. I have a feeling this little one is going to be trouble.

04. On Wednesday night I went to go see some standup comedy in the form of Stewart Lee at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall. Yeah, I hadn't heard of him either but he was actually pretty funny. Before that we had a nice, but simple meal at The Quarter

05. We finished The Fall! I told you we would, didn't I? I am sort of in TV limbo now. I hate finishing a series and trying to find a new one. At least I should have my evenings back now!

How was your week?