Are You Having A Holly, Jolly Christmas?

If not, then here are 10 ways to cheer up those winter blues, and get you in the spirit! I can completely understand that this time of year is often quite draining, pulls at the purse strings, is over indulgent, and the dark weather days can leave you feeling a bit blue. So, read on!

1. Go for a winter wonderland walk. There is nothing I love more than going for a walk (weather permitting of course!) in the crisp cold air. I am really lucky where I live that it is close by to some really pretty footpaths. I find going for a walk also really clears the cobwebs especially if you have been stuck in work all week.

2.  Decorate the house like Clark Griswold. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation is one of my favourite Christmas films. Anyone who has seen the film will understand what I mean by this, and if you haven't seen it, you must. It is an oldie but a real goodie. I always feel extra Christmassy after decking the halls..

3. Bake up a storm, or just a gingerbread house will do.  This year I have bought gingerbread house baking stencils from Lakeland. None of this pre-baked stuff for me, nuh - uh. I am so exciting to bake from scratch and I am thinking of taking it with me on the actual day itself for everyone to have a piece.

4. Splash the cash. Whereas some of you might find the idea of Christmas shopping slightly on the stressful side, I actually love it. I make a complete day of it and I find the festive atmosphere quite intoxicating. Also, you can always pick up a little something for yourself. It is Christmas after all!

5. Have a Christmas themed duvet day. Duvet/pajama days are amazing anyway, but if you are feeling a bit 'bah - humbug' then the perfect way to combat that is to dedicate a day to wearing your finest Christmas onesie, watching all your Christmas films, and eating your weight in festive treats. Simple.

6. £4 for a coffee?! That's right, indulge in a festive drink. It's funny, at no other time of the year can I justify spending that much on a hot drink. But strangely at Christmas it's fully ok to bankrupt myself with fudge hot chocolates and egg nog lattes. Odd, eh?

7. Gift wrapping. Is one of my favourite things to do at Christmas. I love nothing more than seeing them all neatly wrapped under the tree.. That is, until the cat gets at them.

8. Visit a Christmas market - Last year we went to Manchester for the day and they had the most amazing Christmas market and mulled wine. You can also pick up some pretty cool and unique gifts too.

9. Hang some mistletoe - Did you know that one little kiss burns up to 3 calories. The longer the kiss...the better the exercise! So, get eating those mince pies!

10. Fa la la la lar la la la lar. Compile your Christmas playlist. I love belting out a slightly out of tune song even when it's not Christmas. So, download some Michael Buble and croon away. My next blog post will feature some of my favourite festive tunes.