8 Dec 2016

My November Favourites

This months favourites were so easy to write. November seems to have been a busy month for style pieces and not so much beauty so bare with me!

Pom Pom Bobble Hat
from Ted Baker
This was another fashion item I wanted to include in my October favourites but alas, I actually picked this hat up whilst I was in London in November. Not only was it a godsend for the absolutely baltic weather we had, it is just so lovely too. The price is a bit extravagant, but I just love how girly and soft it is. The touches of rose gold on the button label just sets it off.

Maternity Khaki Faux Fur Hooded Parka Coat
from Dorothy Perkins
I was desperate to include this coat in my October favourites but since I didn’t actually buy it until November I thought it could wait. You might have already been aware of my maternity coat saga if you follow me on Twitter. This coat was from Dorothy Perkins and it is absolutely perfect. It keeps me warm but it is still modern looking enough to not make me feel singled out as a mummy to be.

Pure Clay Detox Mask
from L'Oreal Paris
I don’t want to write too much about this product because I plan on writing a full review of it in the coming weeks. Suffice to say if it made it on to my favourites it must be a good’un. I love everything about this product, even down to the scent and the oh so reasonable price tag.

The Festive Range
from Lush
You don’t need me to tell you how well Lush does Christmas. In my most recent posts you can read all about it here, and here. I just wanted to include these in my November favourites because I have loved every product I have tried so far from their festive range and I am just deliriously happy that Rose Jam is back in stock.

Medium City Bag with Scarf
from Zara
I am really breaking out the fashion picks this November, aren’t I? I have wanted this Zara bag for a little while and I felt like I needed to treat myself to the perfect winter transitional bag. The structure is very similar to my Michael Kors, if not a little softer. The only issue was that the scarf around the handles kept unravelling! I have fixed that with a little stich in the handles though. Good as new!

And finally my new glasses from Bailey Nelson. When I was in London I made it my priority to go pick out some new glasses. It was only last summer time when I picked up my last pair, but the service and selection of glasses is just too good to resist.

Love, Jo.


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