Review: A/W Menu at Jamie's Italian

I was lucky enough (so so lucky!) to be invited along to try the new A/W menu at Jamie’s Italian in Liverpool last week and it is fairly accurate to say I jumped at the chance. I had never been there before so I was interested to see what it had to offer.

In general I am quite sceptical of chain restaurants but Jamie’s Italian has definitely made me a convert. The atmosphere has a kind of a relaxed/industrial feel, but obviously still comfortable and almost homely.. The hand written chalk board specials and the soft lighting helped with that.

After an extremely difficult decision from a highly eclectic menu, to start me and James had Silky Pate Bruschetta and the Fantastic Fried Gnocchi. I couldn’t try the pate being pregnant but I was reassured it was extremely creamy, rich and very delicious. My gnocchi was the same. I could have eaten a whole plate of it to be honest, it was that good. The portion size was excellent for a starter and only left me wanting more.

For mains I went for the Jamie's Italian Burger and James had the Slow Roasted Porchetta with Crispy Polenta Chips. And oh my! Everything had that lovely home cooked taste to it. The pork was beautifully seasoned and literally melted in my mouth. The burger was cooked to perfection too, and if you ask me, chips are always a good idea. I can’t say I was a massive fan of the polenta chips though, but James seemed to love them!

For pudding we shared the Molton Chocolate Praline Pudding which was so rich and decadent. Truthfully, I could have eaten the whole thing myself, let it be known I don’t often share my desserts.. But despite all this it was the perfect end to a lovely, and highly delicious meal.

If you are ever in Liverpool I highly recommend a visit to Jamie’s Italian.