12 Dec 2016

Review: L'Oreal's Pure Clay Detox Mask

I think by now you can tell I love my face masks. If you didn’t, I have recently reviewed the Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask, which you can read about here. I love a good face mask, and this becomes an extra special step of my skincare routine on the run up to the party season.

The L'Oreal Pure Clay Detox Mask is an inexpensive high street face mask designed to target those problem areas. I have always been plagued with big pores and a greasy t-zone, attractive! So I thought I would just give this a go. You know, what’s there to lose?! Besides looking like Shrek of course!

Application is easy peasy. I just applied onto clean skin with my fingertips. The jar claims there are 10 applications but I think I have already used this about 5 times and I have barely made a dent. It goes on really smooth whilst experiencing the most relaxing, cooling sensation.

It has a nice, clean scent with only a hint of a medicinal note, but I kinda like that. It dries completely after about 10 minutes with that satisfactory tightening you get when it really feels like it’s working.

To remove, I just use warm water and massage it into, and off my skin whilst using a muslin cloth to remove the remaining residue. Afterwards my skin feels so soft, clean, and refreshed. Even if I have used this before bed, I can still feel the effects the morning after.

This is not a sponsored post, I just loved, loved, loved how even my skin tone was after use. I will definitely be trying out the others in the range. Have you tried any of the L'Oreal's Mask range?

Love, Jo.



  1. I've been testing this mask out a lot recently and I have to agree, it does such a good job and you can see the difference for hours! I love that it's so affordable too :)

    Neelam | www.neelamjayna.co.uk x

  2. It really is a good mask. I think I may buy another one this Friday to really get into my Christmas Day prep! X

  3. I dont use many skin masks but i would love to start,this looks like a great beginner one x


    1. It really is! It's been my favourite high street one so far!


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