The 2nd Trimester

So, I realise now that I am almost starting my third trimester and I haven't really updated you since the first! I love documenting this little journey I am on, it is definitely cheaper than buying one of those baby books! But I can see us getting one of those too when the little one is finally here. Hashtag new parent cliche.

I am going to try not to sugarcoat any of this because I would love for you as the reader to get an accurate account of the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. All that nitty gritty basically. Plus I would love to look back on these posts and be like 'I can't believe I said that online!'

The gender scan
I had my 20 week scan which went brilliantly apart from the baby not really playing ball when it came to posing for pictures. It definitely takes after its parents. I had decided at the time that I wanted the gender to be written down and placed in an envelope for me to open if, and when, I felt like it. I lasted two days! I was definitely more bothered about the baby being healthy at the scan but then I couldn't resist finding out.

At first I was a little bit worried about finding out. I was worried I would be disappointed? I know that sounds like a terrible thing to admit but then even before I opened the envelope I was just ecstatic that they baby had all 10 fingers and toes I didn't care what it was.

Because I am worth it..
So being pregnant is not all about the glow and the great skin and hair. To be honest, I am sure someone made that up.. I don't feel glowy, and definitely not ready to star in a Pantene advert. Although, I have noticed that my skin is less spotty, and my hair and face are less oily too?

You do what when you sneeze?!
There is also something I have aptly named the pregnancy sneezes.. This was something I wasn't going to admit online, but remember? I am not sugarcoating a jot! To be honest it is probably more down to me not practicing my pelvic floor exercises enough. That is not to say I was completely horrified when a bit of wee came out the first time. I have put it down to pressure, and where the baby is sat at the time because sometimes it doesn't happen at all. Just one for you to look out for if you are pregnant, or thinking of getting pregnant! Glamorous.

In my dreams
The dreams are absolutely crazy too. I don't think I have gone one night without the most vivid of dreams, and these range from downright scary to a little bit 'lusty'? I cringe! Fortunately I can never remember them in the morning, but the distinct lack of sleep plagues me for the rest of the day. Getting comfortable in bed, or anywhere really has become a bit of a struggle in this trimester. I am not massive but I find being in any position for too long becomes uncomfortable. My advice would be to invest in a maternity pillow pretty early on in your first trimester and just get used to sleeping with it.

Nothing new there
If you read all about my first trimester, everything aches at some point, and I mean EVERYTHING. So far I have had backache, bum ache,  and basically all the aches. Luckily the boob ache has subsided for now, but I am pretty sure that will be back with a vengeance soon. I have also been experiencing sore ribs, usually just on one side. This has happened more towards the end of the 2nd trimester. I read somewhere that the bottom few of your ribs expand with your uterus, but they do go back once the baby is born.. phew!

Snowdon will have to wait
I get out of breath going up the stairs. No joke. I used to be pretty fit but I feel like that has completely gone out the window now. Although, people have started doing things for me now which they never would have before. I get stuff brought to me in work, I don't ever have to lift anything, and James has even started hanging out the washing.. Bonus! Luckily, I am far less tired than I was in the first few months. I no longer need a nap the minute I get in from work, well, most days.

Midway through the 2nd trimester I went for my hooping cough injection. Well, I say it was mine, really it was more to protect the baby once it is born. My arm was so sore afterwards, and even swelled to the size of a small golf ball. It eventually did go down, but not quick enough in my opinion!

The invasion of the body snatches
It is no surprise that your body goes through a million changes when you become pregnant, and it may come as a bit of a surprise to you all that I suffered from a very minor bout of anorexia in my teens. Hey! No one is perfect! And despite recovering from it along time ago, those type of thoughts have a tendency to linger. When you become pregnant you kind of have to give up your body, and deal with the niggles as best you can, which includes the almost black nipples and ever expanding waistline. All in all it was definitely worth sacrificing my *almost* flat stomach for.

The best bit
HOWEVER, no matter how many times I have to go to the toilet during the course of the day, and night, feeling the wiggles, the kicks and little punches make everything worth it. The baby is so active, I don't seem to get a minutes peace, this lasts up until bed time and some nights, beyond. It is the strangest, but most magical feeling. I also love it when James has a feel too. He once blew a raspberry on my belly to only get a kick in the mouth in return. Fast learner.

Over the next couple of weeks I have my 28 week midwife appointment, a private 4D scan booked - I will let you all know how I get on - and the start of our antenatal classes. If you were wondering; I booked these back in October through the NCT. They are pricey but I have it on good authority that they are well worth it.

If you are having/had a baby let me know your experiences in the comments below.