Review: Series One 38mm Apple Watch

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive a  series one 38mm gold Apple Watch from my lovely boyfriend. It was a complete surprise as we weren't meant to be spending that much money on each other at all.

I have been using my watch for a month now so I thought I would do a post on some of its features and the pros and cons of owning it.

This watch no way replaces the iPhone but just enhances its use. It works through bluetooth and pushes all notifications through to your watch. These notifications are fully customisable and it also comes with the airplane function, which I usually only use at night or to conserve battery life

The majority of apps available for the iPhone are also available on the watch too, so you can check your email, Instagram feed and Twitter at the flick of a wrist..literally. You can also use Maps which is perfect when driving as the directions get sent directly to your wrist.  It just means that you aren't fumbling around with your phone whilst you are meant to be concentrating on the road!

Also you can reply to messages and answer calls from the comfort of your own wrist. I have to admit it does look and feel a bit weird answering a call from your watch but it definitely beats digging through your handbag trying to locate your phone if there is a call you need to take!

You can also reply to text messages. The messages come through with a little ping and a vibrate and you can see the senders name and message. To reply Apple give you a number of templates such as; 'Sure’ See you soon’ etc. You can add emoji’s, send scribbles, and even send your heart-beat! You can also speak into the watch and it will write out the message for you, then simply press send. All I am saying is I can sneakily check my messages in a meeting now without having to look at my phone.. But shhh.

Activity is something I cannot wait to start using properly. It breaks everything down into three categories; Calories burned, minutes exercised and Stand's achieved. On setup it gets you to input the amount of calories you would like to burn, but being pregnant that really isn't my objective at the minute! It also installs an app on your phone so you can track your weeks progress. This will definitely be handy when I am trying to lose my post baby bulge.

The heart rate app is pretty interesting too, but again it's something I will utilise more post birth! Being pregnant means your heart rate is naturally higher as it has to pump more blood around your body.

Admittedly at first the Stand function really irritated me. Every hour you are reminded to standup for a minute,  and I would moan, groan and dismiss it, but I really starting feeling the benefit in work once I had gotten into the swing of it. Being an administrator often means I am sat down for a few hours at a time, which in turn is really bad for you! The same goes for those days when the only thing on the agenda is Netflix and chill.

In contrast to the Activity app is the Breathe function, and I love it when I am feeling particularly stressed. Sometimes you just need that little reminder to take a break and relax. The watch actually tells you to focus and follow the breathing pattern displayed which in turn made my heart rate slow down.

I also love the many options for customisation. Right now I have Minnie Mouse in her classic red dress as my clock, which I love because she wishes me a good morning, afternoon and night in her characters voice with just a simple tap on the screen. You can also change the strap to suit any occasion. Right now I am sticking to the rubber band, but I would love to get something a bit more 'dressy' in the future.

The only downside I have found so far is the battery life. Using the watch all day in full functioning mode can drain your battery completely which means it requires charging every night.

Obviously I am still new to using the Apple watch, is there anything I am missing out on?