The Benefits Of Unplugging

This Christmas saw me take a couple of days off from the online world, and do you know what? I kind of enjoyed it. I was really surprised that I was able to just turn off without worrying but I seemed to manage it with ease, sans guilt too!

Here are a couple of things I've learnt;

I think we all suffer a blogging rut from time to time. Some weekends I completely lack motivation to do anything blog related, which is bad because it means forced productivity. I find from that my posts aren't as good and my photography absolutely stinks. After 10 days off work and 5 (at the most!) days off blogging I was able to sort out my ideas, come up with new ones, and even look back on old posts and tweak them slightly.

Stress Busting
Sometimes blogging can be quite stressful. Doing well and succeeding weighs so heavy on my mind sometimes. I guess it is because I love blogging so much I put very high expectations on myself. However, during my time off I remembered I loved to do other things too, like reading, baking and just spending time with my little family which sometimes I neglect, and that in itself is stressful.

Being Healthy
I found that from having a little break from the computer my eyes were less sore, I got out of the house more, and I slept a little bit better. My point is that any social media notification, email or amazing Chanel collaboration (in my dreams.. literally) that comes through at 1am can clearly wait till the morning, or the next day if you are really unplugging.

It is so easy to become addicted to chasing those numbers, getting there first, and other first world blogging problems. Don't get me wrong, a small amount of competition is healthy, but if the first thing you check in the morning is your phone, social media accounts,  or what your friends sisters cousin is doing in Aruba, then something is not quite right. I found by just rolling over and having a cuddle with James, set me up for the day much better than knowing about Shelley's holiday romance..

Just Being Happier
By taking a small break I found my work improved, I was more focused, and better equipped at using my time more wisely. I planned posts for the week instead of frantically typing them up the night before they were due to be published, I created a bank of Instagram worthy photos, and my week was just happier as a result.

I hope this helped!