The Weekly Edit #42

I feel like I haven't written a weekly blog in ages, I think that was because I had a little break from Christmas up until now. It was well needed after Blogmas though.

Anyway, on to my week;

01.   Christmas was a very relaxed affair, filled with delicious food, chocolate, boardgames and presents. If you haven't seen what I got yet, click here. We spent Christmas Day at James's dads, and then pretty much the whole of boxing day just enjoying our time together before we have to share it with our little someone next year.

02. I did a tiny bit of sale shopping, well, just shopping really. I finally treated myself to the Cath Kidston Minnie Mouse Iphone case. After experiencing the Tanya Burr 12 Days of Christmas Advent Calendar I caved and bought a couple of bits from her makeup range. Expect a post in the next couple of weeks.

03. I actually baked a cake too! Carrot, if you were wondering. I haven't baked a proper cake in so long, it was just nice to bake something again, especially after my gingerbread house disaster. I ended up giving most of it away though since are cupboards are still overflowing with mince pies and stollen.

04.  Time off work has been amazing, we have gone for meals, to the cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Rogue 1, read books, and ate far too much food whilst binging watching every TV special that was on over the holidays. I think we will be back to healthy eating pretty quickly though, no more truffle cheese for me! 

05. New year was a quiet one, I loved it. I can't drink and I couldn't imagine anything worse than going out in this baltic weather, instead I woke up as fresh as a daisy on Sunday, took down all the Christmas decorations, and fully spring cleaned the house with the help of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo. 2017, I am ready for ya.

How was your week?