The Weekly Edition #44

Another week, another weekly edit. These weeks are flying and unfortunately not particularly interestingly. At the minute my days consist of; getting up at 6am, work, come home, dinner, blog, and then maybe watch something before going to bed!

Anyway, on to my week;

01.   I have finally bought paint for the house and a wall transfer for the nursery. You wouldn't believe what a relief that is. I have gone for an off white throughout the house with quite neutral accent walls. I can't wait for it all to be finished. There are just a couple more essential things to get, which only means one thing, I much needed trip to Ikea!

02. I booked a 4D scan for this week and I literally cannot wait. I don't really know what came over me. I was always quite adamant that I wouldn't pay to get this done, but last week got me thinking about what if I go on to not have anymore children and I've missed out. Also I don't have any more scans left until I actually meet the little scamp. So, I had some Christmas money left over and I took the plunge. Our 20 week scan pictures were pretty abysmal too (as in the baby faced away from us the whole time!) and I kind of wanted a couple of good ones for the nursery/baby books etc.

03. Just a quick house update; It's still a mess! Short but sweet. I can definitely see an end in sight though. There is one big job left to do in the utility room and then lots of little ones, like light switches, wallpaper stripping, filling in the cracks, and ordering a new carpet. I am hoping it will nearly all be finished by the end of January.. wishful thinking huh?

04.  We finished Happy Valley season one and I am absolutely hooked. I really want to watch The OA but I am not sure how I feel about supernatural things anymore. Has anyone else watched it? What did you think?

05. I also made the most amazing Toffee Crisp cheesecake to take with me to a family dinner on Sunday. Recipe to follow in the next few days. I can't wait for when I have more time to bake and experiment. I just seem to be making the same old things just because they are easy and I know they will turn out ok. Is there such thing as a baking rut?!

How was your week?