The Weekly Edition #45

This week has definitely had its ups and downs. And by that I mean, really up and then really down! My midwife appointment on Monday didn't really go as smoothly as I would have hoped as the baby was apparently breech, which of course meant complete melt down.

Anyway, on to the rest of my week;

01.   Firstly I won a competition at work, and I never win at anything! It was such a lovely surprise especially after being worried so much about the baby. I now have £250 worth of Love2Shop vouchers at my disposal and of course they are going towards buying a car seat! Serious adulting.

02. On Thursday I had my 4D scan and I can't recommend the experience enough. Obviously each place is different, but it just gave the reassurance I needed, and it was lovely being able to do it with other family members other than just your partner. If you have a low risk pregnancy on the NHS it only entitles you to two scans and then you just have to wait until the little 'un is born! I paid £100 (it was on offer at the time) and received 7 pictures, one was framed, 4 key rings and a dvd of the scan. It might sound a bit excessive but I was told the baby wasn't breech and was healthy, so the pictures were just a bonus. I will probably write about this experience in a separate blog post.

03. The biggest low of the week was when Knox went missing on Saturday. I literally felt like I had lost a limb. He had escaped through the front door as James was leaving for work (believe me, he was in the biggest dog house going) and  I knew straight away he had gone. I was out looking for him from 6:30 in the morning till 1am the next day. Luckily he chose that exact time to show his face after me promising him all the food in the world and multiple brushes.

04.  We are currently watching Taboo with Tom Hardy in and I am really enjoying it. That, and Celebrity Big Brother. Every episode has me gasping out loud. Suffice to say this series has been as good at the one that had Perez Hilton in, and that's saying something!

05. This week also saw me put in my request for maternity leave. It was a such a strange feeling, and providing everything goes well I will be finishing on the 17th March. I can't wait! Fingers crossed all the building work will be completed by then so I can relax.

How was your week?