Things I Want to Achieve in 2017

Instead of giving myself New Years resolutions and leaving myself rules to live by I thought I would do it a little differently this year. Looking back over my 2016 ones I don't think I kept any. I guess they were kind of unachievable, pie in the sky ones. Learn to play the piano? Pfft!

Anyway, here are just 5 NON COMMITTAL things I would quite like to achieve this year...

Watch more films and TV
Sounds like a weird one, but I barely get time anymore to just switch off and put on a good film, or watch a TV series. I feel like I have missed out on so much. Like, we have just started watching Happy Vally, a series that has been on my 'to watch' list for quite a while and never got round to.

Read all the books on my shelves
So instead of giving myself an unrealistic target of 26 books (that's two a month if you are terrible at Maths like I am) I am just going to aim to clear all the books on my shelves. Sounds doable, right? I will be sharing my 2017 shelves with you sometime this week, so keep your eyes peeled.

Use my diary to the extreme
I am usually a pretty organised person but last year I definitely chose wrong when it came to the Diary I picked. Who would have thunk it? The layout and size was all wrong, and I hope you don't think that I am making excuses, but that sorta thing is so important! This year I have gone for quite a large, slim, week to view diary which pretty much fits in all my handbags. I have no excuse not to keep on top of emails now.

Pamper myself more
There are weekends when I have just been so busy catching up on house or blog work that I kinda forget about me, so when Monday rears its ugly head, I feel so physically unprepared. All I need to do is maybe take an hour, or two (depending on how rough I look) to slap on that face mask and do my nails. Simple.

Get myself on YouTube
This is a biggie. I have had a channel for about a year now, but have I used it? Certainly not! I don't know what it is when it comes to capturing things on moving film, I just have a mental block!

I think I will stop there, I don't want to overdo it! What do you hope to achieve in 2017?