27 Feb 2017

The Weekly Edition #50

Week 50! What a milestone and what a way to celebrate by doing not really anything very much! My days are now spent counting down until I finally finish for maternity, sad eh? But things are starting to get quite uncomfortable and my sleeping is shot with all the nighttime loo breaks.

26 Feb 2017

Recipe: Oh So Moist Carrot Cake

I am definitely posting a few more recipes than usual. I blame the pregnancy. My appetite is in overdrive at the minute which means I can't help but bake if I get a spare 2 minutes of a weekend. I have tried and tested this recipe a number of times now and it is by far my favourite.

22 Feb 2017

My Winter 2017 Favourites

Like I said in my December favourites, I am only going to do these posts quarterly now because I was finding I didn't have enough things I was loving to fill a blog post a month.

20 Feb 2017

The Weekly Edition #49

Another week has sped by hasn't it? I actually spent the weekend feeling pretty poorly with a cold. One of the downsides of being pregnant is not being able to have even a Lemsip to make you feel better!

17 Feb 2017

Wishlist: Spring Interiors

This post only started off with like, 5 things but then it quickly grew to about 10. Whoops! Since our house is in the final stages of 'renovation' now, if you can even call it that, I have finally put together a list of things that are top of my 'to-buy' list.

15 Feb 2017

Getting Baby Ready

Probably the worst thing about being pregnant, besides the morning sickness and the piles is that everyone has an opinion. It can be so confusing at times! When I was looking at booking antenatal classes I was told by numerous people why are you wasting money on that? ‘It will come naturally you know?’

13 Feb 2017

The Weekly Edition #48

This week has been the fastest yet and I think my tiredness has reflected that. Two days this week I have had to come back and practically do nothing. The third trimester is really starting to wear on me now I think!

10 Feb 2017

My Pregnancy Essentials

So, things are starting to get that little bit tighter now, and that's not just because I over indulged at Christmas.. ok, I might have done that too but oh well! But this prompted me to compile a small list of all my pregnancy essentials 32 weeks in.

8 Feb 2017

My Work Desk Must Haves

Obviously working as an administrator means I am pretty much constantly at my desk so I have built up quite an army of essentials that I always need by my side whilst working.

7 Feb 2017

Be Mine?

Interflora Flowers
Well hopefully after this classic Valentine's Gift Guide for him and her, they will be! In my previous Valentine's post I covered some date ideas and I just thought it would be a good idea to follow that up with a very small gift guide.

6 Feb 2017

The Weekly Edition #47

So, I was actually going to have a small blogging hiatus this week. Things have just been so manic at home with all the DIY and decorating that I haven't had time to breath let alone blog and take pictures. I really let things get on top of me though and I start to get stressed out, so I have decided that I am just going to soldier on and all it might mean is that I am a little quiet on Twitter and Instagram.

5 Feb 2017

Date Ideas That Aren't Just For Valentine's!

With Valentine's day fast approaching and our 4 year anniversary just gone, I thought it would be the perfect time to write an obligatory post about all things love and if you are stuck for ideas of what to do on the actual day itself, maybe I can help.

1 Feb 2017

The 4D Baby Scan

I think the first thing I need to admit is that I never thought I would pay to get this done. I always thought it was a bit of a waste of money, the pictures were a bit alien looking and what really is the point?
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