15 Feb 2017

Getting Baby Ready

Probably the worst thing about being pregnant, besides the morning sickness and the piles is that everyone has an opinion. It can be so confusing at times! When I was looking at booking antenatal classes I was told by numerous people why are you wasting money on that? ‘It will come naturally you know?’

Well, I know ME and I know I have struggled in the past with other people’s babies, I mean, how do you even hold them properly? With these thoughts I knew that antenatal classes were the right decision for us.

I booked mine through the NCT, and although they are pricey (I think it was about £220), so far they have been worth it. The course itself is a 5 week course meeting locally every Saturday for 4 hours. It seems like a lot but boy! Time flies when you are there.

It is a little bit intimidating at first but what you soon realise is that it is exactly like the first day of school and we did a number of icebreaking exercises to get us in the mood to mingle. I soon found out everyone is there for the same reasons; reassurance, friendship and advice.

So far we have created our own agenda and learnt about positions before labour, labour itself and what are the essentials when it comes to buying things for baby. In the upcoming weeks we will be discussing birthing plans including pain management, inducement etc. Breast feeding, complications, post-natal depression and the blues, changing relationships, equipment, baby handling and more.

My Hints & Tips

01. If only one of you can go, take a family member as back up. This is for two reasons; 1. There is just so much to take in, you will never remember it all.

02. Some of the activities need to be completed in pairs. Take a notebook. There is bound to be a couple of things you will want to write down including your course leader’s telephone number.

03. Talk things through with your partner afterwards. There was a lot of things that I didn’t really have time to discuss with James whilst we were there but it was really useful to make some time afterwards and ask him what his thoughts were.

04. Take a snack. Biscuits were provided but if you need something a bit more substantial, make sure you pack a couple of Scooby snacks to keep you going.

Love, Jo.



  1. I can only imagine how crazy it is in the run up to having a baby, but amazing that you're getting prepared! Alice xxx


    1. It is insane. I cannot wait until my maternity leave starts and I can start nesting and preparing for it properly. Part of me really wants to bring it forward a week.. but then I want the maximum amount of time off when the baby is here! x


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