10 Feb 2017

My Pregnancy Essentials

So, things are starting to get that little bit tighter now, and that's not just because I over indulged at Christmas.. ok, I might have done that too but oh well! But this prompted me to compile a small list of all my pregnancy essentials 32 weeks in.

Teddy Bear Topshop Robe
This was a Christmas present and probably my favourite one at that, even more so than my Apple watch. I practically live in this when I come home from work and it will definitely be in my hospital bag when the time comes.

Maternity Khaki Faux Fur Hooded Parka Coat
This is from Dorothy Perkins. I made it to 5 months before I needing a new coat A fact in which I was pretty proud of. I have to admit, I found it quite difficult finding the right coat. In fact, I had quite the coat saga if you read my Weekly Edits.

Maternity Pants
I have got them in blue, black and denim basically to cover myself for any eventuality. I actually bought these about 3 and a half to 4 months in when things really were a squeeze. Basically anything with an elasticated waist is a godsend. I particularly prefer over the over the bump style bottoms because it kinda feels like they are giving your bump a little hug. My favourite is this pair from ASOS.

Maternity Tights
Another early purchase, and probably the greatest thing known to man for a pregnant lady. These have been my absolute saviour.

Maternity Pillow
I got this pillow about 20 weeks in. In all honesty I wish I had got it sooner. I was starting to get some quite sharp, worrying pains in my stomach one week, which actually prompted a hospital visit. After being told everything was fine and that it was just my uterus stretching I thought this pillow would be a good investment and it really was.

NCT Antenatal Course
This is a new one but I am pretty confident in it being an essential, especially if you are a first time mum. I can't really say whether any other antenatal classes are on parr with the ones provided by the NCT but only 2 weeks in I have already learnt a lot and actually look forward to going every week.

My Pregnancy & Baby Today App
This app has been an absolute godsend, especially when I don't have my books to hand and I am itching to get on Google. You can find pretty much anything on this little app, and the comments and videos from other mums is really helpful and reassuring.

Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe Lotion
My bump is sometimes a little itchy. I guess because the skin is stretching a lot at the minute, plus the cold weather probably isn't helping. I have been pretty lucky with stretch marks so far but then I do have another 8 weeks to go.

Gentle Grip Socks*
These socks are so comfortable, are designed not to leave that horrible line around your leg, and are great to wear with boots. Along with the rest of me, my feet and legs seem that tiny bit larger at the minute so these have been prefect to wear alongside my maternity pants.

If there is anything I have missed leave a comment below! I am always open to new suggestions, especially when it comes to anything baby!

Love, Jo.



  1. Such fantastic tips! I'll definitely save this for when I start sprouting my army of wee ones. I didn't think you needed a certain type of pillow for pregnancy, and that a regular one would have been fine. Maybe it's because the maternity pillow is to keep your spine straight while also cushioning your belly?

    That baby rattle is adorable, by the way!

    Stephii Mattea xx

    1. Exactly. When you get to 16 weeks you are advised not to sleep on your back anymore and with a regular pillow you would have to keep moving it depending on what side you want to sleep on. Your sleep is rubbish anyway whilst your are pregnant. Anything to make it that little bit more comfortable is definitely worth the money! x

  2. I have the TopShop dressing gown too, it's so cosy and I love having the hood up with the little ears on. It's so cute! I also need to invest in some maternity tights - I refused to purchase some at first and made do with my old ones but after awhile they got too uncomfortable and I had to cut a slit down the middle for my belly to pop out. How embarrassing! I'm just 25 weeks today, almost reaching the third trimester! It needs to slow down :)

    I've really loved a warmy wheat bag for days when nothing seems to ease a tender back, they're inexpensive too! x


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