My Work Desk Must Haves

Obviously working as an administrator means I am pretty much constantly at my desk so I have built up quite an army of essentials that I always need by my side whilst working.

And here they are;

A Banana
Or any kind of fruit for that matter. It is ideal for those low blood sugar moments. Of course I would rather indulge my inner Cookie Monster and snack on all the chocolate and biscuits but somedays you just have to be good!

I love a good highlighter. I highlight everything.

I use one specific notebook that has different sections like; To Do, Notes, Budget and Calendar. It is really good for keeping my passwords in too because it is small enough to just lock it away in my drawer at the end of the day. A practical notebook is essential in the job that I do.

Post Its
Ideally I would have all the fancy ones that come in different shapes, sizes and colours but I just use them so often that I would be spending a small fortune on them otherwise. Give me classic yellow any day

I always keep the one diary for work and personal. I definitely go by the rule; too many diaries spoil the broth.. or whatever. I have pretty much the same mentality when it comes to notebooks. I can only really use the one notebook otherwise I get confused. On the plus side it saves me money because it keeps me out of temptation's way when it comes to visiting places like Paperchase. On the downside my Instagram definitely suffers from lack of amazingly pretty stationery pieces.

I prefer having my own mug in work. I am not sure why, I guess I am just fussy. Plus I like big mugs.. and I cannot lie. I usually only drink herbal teas too. Being an administrator means I am sat down at my computer for long periods of time and bloating is my absolute nemesis.

Obviously this is dependant on the season. In winter I can't live without a chapstick, particularly anything by Carmex. In the warmer months my lips aren't as dry so I tend to stick to moisturising lipsticks. At the minute I am loving the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Vintage Collection in Bruise but if you want an amazing pinky nude; MAC's Velvet Teddy is my go to colour.

Hand Cream
I am currently using Soap & Glory's Hand Food. It is one of my favourite hand creams and scents.

Hand Sanitiser
This is another Soap and Glory staple. Hand Maid is one of my favourite sanitisers as it doesn't smell overly chemical and it doesn't completely dry out my hands like others do. I am an absolute germaphobe so this is a must MUST have.

What are your work desk must haves?