The Weekly Edition #49

Another week has sped by hasn't it? I actually spent the weekend feeling pretty poorly with a cold. One of the downsides of being pregnant is not being able to have even a Lemsip to make you feel better!

Anyway, on to my week;

01.   Valentine’s Day was extremely low key this year. Not only did I forget our 4 year anniversary (baby brain – who knows what excuse I am going to give after this baby is born) but I didn’t even get a bunch of flowers! We did manage to have a Marks & Spencer Dine in For Two though which I enjoyed. To start we had Thai fishcakes, and then for main we had turkey pipettes with potato wedges. I was so stuffed after that I only managed the chocolates but it meant we had crème brulee to enjoy on another night.

02. I enjoyed a late Galentines on Wednesday as me and my friend Emily went to go and watch 50 Shades Darker. I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed. The storyline was kind of disjointed in places. I found the intimate scenes... ‘Lacking’ shall we say! And the overall film a little bit flat compared to the first film and the books. The only positive was the soundtrack which I have now downloaded.

03. Me and James made it a priority to go out for a meal this week and we did just that on Thursday. I timed it well as the bedside crib I had ordered was ready to be picked up. It was nice to spend a little bit of quality time together since we have been so busy the last couple of weekends. Baby things are starting to come together too.

04.  We had our last full antenatal class on Saturday. There were some tears but overall it was a really good session. I learnt how to change a nappy.. I think it is fair to say I definitely need a little bit more practice and we focused a bit more on relationships and post-natal depression. The kind of things you don't really associate with the joys of becoming pregnant and having a baby. 

05. My dad has taken up painting the house and not a moment too soon either! I still plan to do what I can at the weekend, but getting stuff done throughout the week is becoming harder and harder as I become tireder and tireder and obviously more pregnant. I have been a bit poorly this week too with the sniffles which haven’t helped things along either!

How was your week?