The Weekly Edition #50

Week 50! What a milestone and what a way to celebrate by doing not really anything very much! My days are now spent counting down until I finally finish for maternity, sad eh? But things are starting to get quite uncomfortable and my sleeping is shot with all the nighttime loo breaks.

Anyway, on to my week;

01.   We went for breakfast at The Brunch Club in Liverpool. It had been ages since we went out for breakfast and I fancied (craved) pancakes. I'd definitely recommend it if you are looking for breakfast/brunch spots in the city.

02. We visited James's aunt on Thursday which was nice. Something I don't really talk about on here is how overshadowed and unacknowledged (even over something as impersonal as a text message to James) my pregnancy has been with other key family members issues, so it was just nice to speak to people who were as excited and as enthusiastic as I felt without having to feel guilty.

03. I placed another Ikea order.. this one is definitely the last. I am pretty sure I have gotten everything I want for the house now minus a mirror, which I am ordering from M&S sometime this week. I also bought a new kitchen rug from H&M. Well, they had 20% off AND free delivery! I couldn't resist after our last one was ruined by the builders.

04.  Me and James went to a breastfeeding workshop on Saturday which was part of our NCT course. It was really informative, although it unsurprisingly didn't cover much in the line of bottle feeding. Not that I plan to mind you, it just would have been nice to have that extra bit of knowledge when it comes to the bottle, and possibly top up feeds. What I have learnt about labour and post birth is that you can plan all you want but if the baby has other ideas it throws everything else out the window.

05. The house is coming along slowly but surely. Our bedroom and the stairs are nearly done, and we will probably start downstairs sometime this week. I bought the cutest little toy bag for the nursery from TK Maxx. It was only £10 too.

How was your week?