My Baby's First Shopping List

This always interests me and as a soon to be new mum this is probably the most petrifying part - what equipment do I need to buy for my baby.

So, here is what I have so far;
  1. Chest of Drawers - I didn't, and still don't see the point of spending a fortune on nursery furniture. Baby clothes are so small! At the minute I have only filled 2 of these 5 drawers. I am in no rush to share my wardrobe either.
  2. Sleepyhead - I knew I wanted this from the very beginning but James was a bit harder to convince. I am glad we have this now. Anything to aid in a peaceful nights sleep gets a thumbs up from me.
  3. Pram - An obvious one.
  4. Car Seat - Another obvious one. Don't be fooled though. I believed for ages that you needed an ISO fix base for it to work. You don't.
  5. Changing Mat* - I can't wait to try this mat out. I was kindly sent this by the lovely people of Lilikim. Its aerodynamic design is meant to prevent reflux and give baby a nice, secure place to be changed.
  6. Bedside Crib - I originally was just going to get a basinet but I saw more benefits from buying the Chicco Next2Me. It is useable for up to 6 months, it has a drop down side, and can be transported with ease.
  7. Nursing Cushion - I was watching a YouTube video on newborn essentials and this popped up. It was relatively inexpensive, and anything to help with tired arms is a bonus.
  8. Ewan the Dream Sheep - Again this is another purchase I knew I wanted from the beginning. I absolutely love it and I am sure the baby will too. I think my favourite is the harp music.
  9. Activity Spiral - At the minute this is attached to our car seat. It adds a lovely pop of colour and is fully interactive.
  10. Play Mat - I know the baby might not need one of these right away but it's good to be prepared.
  11. Bouncer - For those moments when I just need my hands free. I was originally going to splash out and get a Mamaroo but I just couldn't justify the price, especially when the baby will be in it all of two minutes.
  12. Gro Snug  - I guess I just thought this would be easier than learning to swaddle.. I have bought a couple of blankets obviously but these just seemed like such a good idea!
  13. Tommy Tipper Starter Kit - I bought this because it was on offer on Amazon. I am fully planning to breastfeed but I guess it is good to have a backup.
  14. Baby Bath - This item was inherited. Thank goodness!

A breast pump and a Baby Bjorn is also on my list of things to buy but these purchases can obviously be made after the baby is born. You have to remember Amazon Prime Next Day Delivery is a marvellous thing for a new mum.

I haven't included clothing and toiletries in this either. I think aslong as you have a set each of all your basics, scratch mitts, bibs, socks, and a couple of hats then that's all that matters. Oh! And muslin cloths but I have pretty much covered that in my What's in my hospital bag post.