The Third Trimester

Well, it's nearly upon us. I say us because it really feels like a journey I have had with all of you. I am less than 2 weeks away from my due date, and being honest this has been the hardest time of all.

Let me explain..

Oh the drama
I have had to deal with some of the most unnecessary family drama, (luckily not my own family, which makes a nice change!) which could have all been sorted if we had remained adults about it. This in itself makes me question the motive behind involving other people, but I guess I will never know the real reason. To this day the situation remains relatively unresolved as unfortunately people don't have the insight, or even patience to see another side of things. I mean, saying to a pregnant woman that someone can't be around pregnant women or children? Am I daft in thinking that that just isn't productive, or even nice?! The aggression has been almost unforgettable too, with no apology offered. This has sadly led me to question my place in that family in the future and feel sorry for this unborn baby who has yet to be celebrated.

The perfect home
We have had ongoing house renovations since the beginning of October. That's a long time of coming home to a dusty, nearly unliveable house. Believe me, there has been tears over it. I have spent many a weekend up a ladder desperately painting to ensure that this baby comes home to a perfectly clean, and decorated house. I can finally say, with some reassurance, that we are on the final stretch. Literally, I think one more trip to B&Q/Ikea might do it.

Maternity leave
I think I might have taken my maternity leave a little too late too. Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I never would have pushed myself so hard knowing that I would feel completely burnt out in the last 2 weeks before the baby is due.

I left at 37 weeks and 2 days. I think just a week before that would have been perfect.

Overwhelming tiredness
Like, worse than the first trimester. Naps are no longer naps, they are big, massive sleeps.
Any position I find myself in is just uncomfortable now, and that includes sleeping. At around 16 weeks they say it is a good idea to start sleeping on your side (primarily the left) as this is the best position for the baby, but even now that's uncomfortable. The extra weight on both my hips from a prolonged sideways position is an absolute killer.

When hunger strikes
It is no longer hunger like a cute little cereal advert with a tiger on. It is all out hunger PANGS. Pangs I tell you! These can be at any time, night and day. They are probably worst at night because it is usually after you have found the most comfortable position ever (See above - near impossible) and you are too tired to move and get food.

Feet like a yeti
No joke. If I didn't feel unattractive enough, balloon feet really didn't help. I think it was a multitude of things that caused it. I obviously couldn't put my feet up at work, and then I was coming home and doing lots of jobs. I made an effort to lift them slightly with a pillow at night and that seemingly did the trick. Luckily my hands haven't suffered the same fate.. Yet!

Twinges are a very real thing now, that, and chronic back pain. I had quite a scary night of Braxton Hicks recently thanks to the upset I mentioned at the beginning of this post. Thankfully not to be repeated. I don't think I could ever forgive them if I went into labour early due to that!

The test that tests
And by that I mean the Strep B test. It is definitely not one for the feint hearted. I nearly chickened out of doing it, but the fact that I had already paid £40 for it was the driving force behind me getting over myself and taking the plunge, literally. What they don't tell you is that 2 swabs are required. I will let you guess the rest.

Obviously the test is optional, and it is not provided on the NHS because basically one week you can test positive, and then the next week it is gone. My understanding of it is a little sketchy but in a nut shell we all have this type of bacteria living in our bodies, and sometimes it is active and other times it is not.  If it is active around the time of child birth it can be passed on to your baby with quite serious consequences. Although, if you test positive beforehand it just means that you will be given IV antibiotics at the birth of your baby to give them a little bit of protection.

I tested negative so I suppose for the peace of mind it was £40 well spent, but in reality it doesn't really mean very much unless I plan to give birth like, now.

Emotions run that little bit higher
Well, I am about to give birth to a human. I don't think it unusual to have doubts at this point. Part of me can't bloomin' wait to meet the little scamp, but another part of me is petrified that I won't be able to do it. Any of it. Childbirth, burping, changing the nappy. All these things that we take for granted come naturally..

Have your fingers crossed for me!