The Weekly Edition #51

I will always look at my blog as a place where I can be most candid, and to say this has been the week from hell would be an understatement. I feel like I have fallen into the realms of nursery school and into disfavour with the popular girl who goes and tells her dad on you, and in an instant we have gone from being 31 to 5 in the space of 2 minutes.

Anyway, on to my week;

01.   In my last weekly blog I mentioned the fact that unfortunately the majority of my pregnancy has remained very understated and unacknowledged from key members of James's family, and that has inevitably come to a head this week. I can no longer sit on, condole, or appease people when I feel I have been made a fool of. I was talked into spending the whole of my Christmas suppressing happiness, and not talking about the most exciting thing to ever happen to us to only have what I sacrificed seemingly shoved in my face on social media a month later.

I invited quite significant people to my 4D scan, purchased the pictures, to only have them put in a place of secrecy to not upset someone else? That is all kinds of wrong in my opinion, especially when I have gone out of my way to include them in practically everything, including texting the results of my midwife appointments as soon as I was out the door. I stupidly thought they were interested.

The real world is 'The Real World'. Bad stuff happens to everyone and if we wrap people up in cotton wool then how are we meant to learn to cope?

02. Obviously as a result of all this I have had nasty phone calls in work, missing meals, unwanted home visits from people intending to put me in my place, no sleep, stomach cramps which I put down to Braxton Hicks, and just a general feeling of doom (dramatic much). This changes the whole dynamic of things and I don't really know how, or more importantly, if, I want to fix this.

03. I still maintain I am incredibly busy. I am 8 months pregnant, have two weeks left of full time work, a blog, freelance contracts to keep, and I have made it no secret I am still up a ladder every weekend trying desperately to finish the house off before the baby arrives. I cannot drop everything at the drop of a hat to make time for someone who has had 8 months to come to the realisation that they might want something to do with this baby after all.

04.  If you are wondering what James's stance in all this, he says he supports me, and that I have been completely right in everything that I have done thus far. I'd say his only problem, but this is an extremely honest post, so I am going to change it to; his problem is that he is not very forthcoming, and is a bit emotionally blunt when it comes to helping me when I am upset. Honestly, at 8 months pregnant I shouldn't be having to deal with all this, it's bullying in its basic form, it's so harmful to me, and the baby, but clearly that is no ones priority. Well, it makes sense doesn't it? I am not their family to care for.

05. It's all about perception though, isn't it? When I say 'Not at the minute' that has somehow been taken as a flat out no? I guess maturity has a little bit to do with it too, and I kinda thought at the ripe old age of 31 there would be a bit more of that flying about, but no, clearly if I have a problem my first port of call would be to ring my dad, obviously. Duh!

What is a weekly edit without being honest? I am not sure how well this post will be received by you lot, but like I have mentioned, my life, and no life for that matter, is at seems on the internet. One can only dream of that perfect Disney ending.

Anyway, how was your week? Fingers crossed better than mine!