The Weekly Edition #52

So, last week I didn't get much done on Flourish & Blotting. I think I managed 2 posts in total which is totally unacceptable! Obviously I had other issues to deal with and I am still in full time work until this week. Roll on Friday. Believe me it couldn't come fast enough!

Anyway, on to my week;

01.   After my last weekly post things took a turn for the worst, pregnancy wise. My feet started to swell and my back started to ache. All very common in the third trimester but I can't help but think the stress didn't really help. I am still limping, but luckily my feet have gone down slightly. All very unattractive, like I needed anymore help in that department! I already feel disgusting enough! 

02. The house is nearly done! There are a few more DIY jobs to do, like putting up shelving etc but the painting is almost complete! My dad has been an absolute angel, even coming on his birthday to put a few hours in. Don't worry, I did manage to dust off my baking hat for a couple of hours and make him quite a delicious Victoria Sponge.

03. I have ordered a couple of bits this week, nothing too exciting. My shopping list has drastically changed from eyeshadow palettes and face masks to maternity pads and nursing tops. I have bought a couple of nighties from ASOS and some maternity/nursing wear from ASDA for after the baby is born. I will definitely report back my findings, anything to help ladies that are as completely in the dark as I am.

04.  I know it's probably no interest to you but I have finally started washing the baby clothes. When you get to 36 weeks a real panic starts to set in just incase the baby comes early, so this was a massive achievement for me, even with my dodgy back! I love seeing the little baby grows everywhere, it's a nice change from James's underwear!

05. Despite trying to take it easy we have had quite a busy week. On Tuesday we went to a government run breast feeding class. I know I mentioned that this came part of our NCT classes, but believe me, you can never hear this kind of advice enough. I would highly recommend it. In Liverpool they call themselves Bambi's but I am pretty sure that is not a nationwide thing. If unsure, definitely look it up.

Anyway, how was your week?

Love, Jo.