What's In My Hospital Bag

So the time is nearly here and I probably should have been thinking about packing my hospital bag weeks ago but if you have read my most recently weekly shenanigans you will know I have been struggling a bit to find time.

  • Birth preferences and maternity notes – At the minute I am just going to play the birth by ear. I don't like speculating what may, or may not happen.
  • Several nightdresses or t-shirts – I imagine labour is a sweaty business.
  • Slippers – For when I am walking around.
  • Socks – To keep my feet warm.
  • A dressing gown – Easy.
  • Lip balm – to soothe my lips, which are likely to become dry.
  • Snacks and energy drinks – I am not usually a fan of energy drinks under different circumstances.
  • Towel – I am not sure why I have this on my list.. I guess you can never be too over prepared.
  • Pillow – I have heard some hospitals don't have enough, plus it would be nice to have that little reminder of home.

  • Oil or lotion – If I want to be massaged. Well, get it while you can!
  • Birth ball – Another useful pregnancy apparatus. Sometimes even the couch can be uncomfortable so I have been sitting on this instead. It can also be a useful aid during labour.
  • TENS machine – If I decide to use one for pain relief. They are pretty expensive to buy/rent though. Just give me the gas and air..
  • Music – Some favourite tunes can be soothing. Come on Ed, lets do this.  
  • Hair clips and a brush – To obviously tie my hair back. Labour will not be glamourous.
  • Book, magazine or a tablet – To help pass the time. I have heard some 90 hour labour horror stories.
  • Tissues or wet wipes – Pretty self explanatory.
  • Your mobile/Camera/Battery Cables – To capture the moment. Don't worry, nothing too graphic. Well, that's what I have told James.
  • A list of important phone numbers in case the phone runs out of battery - Ever the practical.
  • Frank – Is the name of my hot water bottle for all those pre and post labour back pains.

    For You
  • Going-home clothes ­– Something loose. I am pretty sure I won't be losing my pregnancy belly straight after.
  • Nursing bras – Two or three will suffice.
  • Breast pads – To mop up any leaks. Again the more unglamorous side of pregnancy. To be honest I will let you know if there is actually a glamorous side to all this because I don't think there is.
  • Maternity pads – At least two packs because I have heard that controlling leaking amniotic fluid is a beast.
  • Disposable pants – Or old cotton ones. Hello Primark!
  • Open-fronted nightie – Which is suitable for breastfeeding. I am hoping I find one of these that doesn't make me look like a granny before it is too late. I think a vest top might have to suffice.
  • Toiletries – Wash things. You know, the usual, toothbrush, toothpaste and deodorant.
  • Plastic bags – To put dirty clothes into. Practical.
  • Drinking straws – I am not sure why. This came as a recommendation from a friend.

    For Baby
  • Baby clothes – This includes vests, sleep suits, and cardigans – at least three of each – a hat and mittens, plus an all-in-one snow suit if it’s cold. No danger of that if this baby lasts until my April due date.
  • Muslins or bibs – Useful for mopping up. Say no more. I am just hoping I will be ok with baby sick. Usually any kind of sick, including my own, I run a mile!
  • Nappies, baby toiletries and cotton wool – Just as important as my own toiletries.
  • Blanket or shawl – For home time.
  • Car seat – This is essential if you are driving home after the birth.

Anyway, I hope this post has been helpful to all you soon to be mums out there.