11 Apr 2017

My Favourite Local Bloggers

More recently I have been really interested in finding more local bloggers. You see,  I am slowly coming out of my blogging shell and I just wanted to do a post as a kind of 'big up' (Whoa! I am so not gangster. Remind me never to say that again!) to the ones that I have followed and absolutely love.

Alex writes so eloquently and boy! Can she do makeup.

Bitchin Blonde
Erin's blog is so so beautiful. Everything is so elegant, and there is literally a little bit of everything in there.

Anoushka Loves
Ok, so not technically Liverpool, but more the North West. I always imagined that I would be RL friends with Anoushka if we ever met purely because of our shared love for The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

The Life of Pingkan
Pingkan was probably the first local blogger that I ever followed and she seriously has this like, celebrity status to me. I go so shy whenever I see her, and I am usually pretty outgoing. Anyway, her blog is perfect, again another one for absolutely beautiful outfit posts.

Just Add Ginger
I consider Jackie my closest local blogging buddy even though we haven't actually met properly. I mean we were in the same hospital together giving birth at the same time (crazy, huh?!)

I really wanted to include Bethany from That Suthers Kid too but she is currently living the dream in Italy and isn't as active on the bloggersphere as she once was, but you can always catch Beth on YouTube.

If you are a local blogger and I have missed you chances are I haven't found you on Twitter yet. Please leave your links below!

Love, Jo.



  1. Yay I love finding new blogs like this, I am definitely going to check them out now! Your blog here is so lovely by the way, I love finding new blogs like yours to read! x


    1. Thank you so much! Love finding new blogs too especially ones with more local content. It kind of helps if you are at a loose end in the city you live in! x

  2. Love any chance for me to find new blogs honestly, so thanks for this post!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. You're very welcome! I am hoping now I have gotten into a bit more of a routine with the baby I can discover a few more!


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