31 May 2017

My Birthday Wishlist

When James asked me what I wanted for my birthday I was a bit taken aback.. I mean, is it nearly June already? At first I couldn't think of anything, but then I started looking through my browsing history of items I want but had no chance of owning any time soon and I found a couple of bits I wouldn't mind opening up on 6th June.

29 May 2017

The Weekly Edition #58

This week has been absolutely chocked full of ups and downs and to be honest, next week isn't looking that much better either.

24 May 2017

Spring 2017 Boots Haul

Typically my first outing after Phoebe was born was to Boots for a massive pampering haul. After going so long without 5 minutes to myself, and my legs starting to look not dissimilar to a yeti's, I thought it was about time I got my expressing act together and ventured out. 

22 May 2017

The Weekly Edition #57

I should probably rename this to 'whenever I do something weekly edition'. Getting out the house and  doing something is sometimes so hard with a newborn. It makes life exceptionally rewarding but also very dull!

21 May 2017

Post Baby Daily Makeup Routine

Having a baby has meant my daily makeup routine has really had to change. Unfortunately I don't have time to faff about with highlighters, or lip liners on a daily basis. I am lucky if I get a shower before midday most days! My routine has to be swift, concise and more importantly effective. I mean, no one wants to see those panda eyes do they?

19 May 2017

5 Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding

If you read my 8 Things No One Told Me About Postpartum blog post, I mentioned breastfeeding,  and the fact that it is the most trying thing I have ever done. No exaggeration. I think there is so much emphasis on the benefits of breastfeeding your baby that no one really covers the reasons why you might stop, or not want to try it to begin with!

17 May 2017

Simple Spring Living Room Updates

I wanted the living to be as bright and airy as possible, so again I stuck to Dulux Timeless (this colour ran throughout the house) and went for a Dulux Egyptian Cotton feature wall, sort of like a light taupe? It definitely softens up the room and makes it a bit less clinical.

15 May 2017

A Spring Beauty Update

After completely forgetting about make-up for the past five weeks I was made up and when Fragrance Direct approached me to pick out a couple on beauty bits to update my Spring beauty routine.

13 May 2017

Win The Limited Edition MAC x Fleur De Force Lipstick

This giveaway has been on the cards for months, pretty much since straight after my last one. I had ideas of complete grandeur when it came to giveaways and I thought I could do one once a month.. Hmm. Not going to happen.

12 May 2017

8 Things No One Told Me About Postpartum

I always felt like I was prepared for labour and birth. I guess the classes I took really helped with that. Unfortunately no one really tells you what to expect after that, after the 'hard' part is over. Well, hopefully this post will enlighten you..

10 May 2017

What's on my 'To Watch' List

Being a new mum means TV is pretty much my best friend at the minute, so I have compiled a list of all the things I want to watch because, you know, I might as well make the most of it right?

5 May 2017

The Most Perfect Gift

Just after Phoebe's birth I was contacted by the lovely PR team at Songfinch regarding a personalised song just for me. I envisioned this to be the perfect gift for the grandparents who have helped us immensely since the birth of our little bundle of joy, and a brilliant keepsake for Phoebe when she is a  little bit older.

2 May 2017

The Weekly Edition #56

Happy May everyone! I can't believe how quickly 2017 is going. It's rather scary isn't it? Unfortunately these weekly roundups are becoming a bit of a biweekly thing. One because I don't really have as much free time as I used to, and two having a baby immediately makes your life very dull indeed!

1 May 2017

Simple Spring Bedroom Updates

Spring has finally sprung and our house is finally finished! I mean, there are a couple more bits to finish off but what house is ever complete? I have decided to blog about it room by room just because this blog post would be a million miles long otherwise. Okay, that's a slight exaggeration but you know what I mean.
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