31 May 2017

My Birthday Wishlist

When James asked me what I wanted for my birthday I was a bit taken aback.. I mean, is it nearly June already? At first I couldn't think of anything, but then I started looking through my browsing history of items I want but had no chance of owning any time soon and I found a couple of bits I wouldn't mind opening up on 6th June.

A Fresh Flower Subscription
I love fresh flowers around the house and the thought of a flower subscription service would be an absolute dream. Plus it would feel like my birthday for 3 months, or for as long as the subscription lasted.

Missoma Celestial Earrings
I have been eyeing up these earrings for over 6 months now. At first they were sold out, but now they are back in stock.. They are just so perfect. I also love the Gold J Disc Necklace from Missoma. I have never really liked gold jewellery but it is definitely growing on me as I get older.

My Thomas Sabo pearl earrings recently broke and I thought these would make a lovely replacement. They are a bit more unusual than your standard pearl earrings but I think that is what I like about them.

Samsonite Disney Ultimate 2 Wheeled Upright Case
Hashtag adulting.. sorta. I also have my eye on Matalan's IT Venezia Hardshell Case in blue which Sophie & Dave bought for their Florida trip. 

Laura Gravestock Written Heart Ring
This ring has been on my lust list for ages! And by ages I mean about a year! This is a blogger made me want it item but I can't remember which blogger!

Olympus Pen Macro Adapter
I have been looking at new lenses for my Olympus Pen but they are all so expensive. This adapter is a little bit cheaper and helps with amazing closeups.

ASOS Voucher
I am in desperate need of some new clothes. I was determined I wouldn't buy any more clothes until I fitted into my old ones, but breastfeeding has made that near impossible. I am hungry ALL the time and sometimes the unhealthy options are the easiest.

And that's it! Not a lot then...

Love, Jo.



  1. that luggage!! ��

    Hannah @ The Northern Writes | www.thenorthernwrites.co.uk

    1. I know! I doubt I can persuade James to buy them for my birthday! x


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