The Most Perfect Gift

Just after Phoebe's birth I was contacted by the lovely PR team at Songfinch regarding a personalised song just for me. I envisioned this to be the perfect gift for the grandparents who have helped us immensely since the birth of our little bundle of joy, and a brilliant keepsake for Phoebe when she is a  little bit older.

Songfinch brings stories, feelings and memories to life through one of a kind, personalised songs. So obviously I couldn't resist getting a song created.

What's so perfect is that you can request a song about anything and have it styled exactly how you want it. It’s so easy too, it literally took me 5 minutes to order my song. All you need to do is to write down who the song is for and what’s the occasion. You then have to select the mood, vocal type and genre and include any additional information about the person you’re gifting the song to. In less than a week I had the song in my inbox!

I honestly shed a couple of tears whilst listening to it. I don't know whether it was the postpartum hormones or what, but it really was a beautiful song. I am sure I even saw James tear up whilst giving it a listen. If you visit the Songfinch website the stories and content that are created around each song definitely connects on a very personal level.

The gift of music is something pretty special.  A lot of memories can be recalled through music and I absolutely love that feeling. The song that I received is something that I can listen to with Phoebe, it's not too punchy or upbeat, it's actually quite soothing. I can't think of an occasion when this wouldn't be the perfect gift, whether it be a birthday, anniversary, or even a birth!

The song is easily streamed through speakers (on your phone, tablet, or computer) or downloaded and burnt onto a CD, or pressed to vinyl if you are feeling especially nostalgic. It can also be added to a playlist, the 21st century mixed tape I say.

You can listen to Pheobe's song HERE.

It's funny, every time I listen to it I hear things I didn't hear the first time round..

If you loved her song as much as I did and think this might make the perfect gift for someone, use the code 'FLOURISH25' at the checkout and you will receive 25% off! I think it is important that you know, and for the sake of clarity,  I don't get anything back from that, I just really believe that this is an amazing gift.