The Weekly Edition #57

I should probably rename this to 'whenever I do something weekly edition'. Getting out the house and  doing something is sometimes so hard with a newborn. It makes life exceptionally rewarding but also very dull!

Anyway, on to my week;

.  Phoebe had her first swimming lesson. Honestly my heart was in my mouth the whole time. She did really well though, with only one real moment of upset. Obviously James took her in the pool since I have a proper mum tum and I am still very much in my leggings and baggy tops phase. She was so teeny tiny compared to all the other babies though. It was definitely a proud mum moment.

.  Which leads me on to Phoebe's 6 week health visitor check. She was weighed at 7lb 11oz, which I thought was a pretty good gain, but then I was advised expressed milk top ups.. This annoyed me a little bit because she is in the 9th percentile and still gaining. Now I feel stressed that I'm not feeding her enough and pressured to express all the time! If you haven't already, you must have a read of my 5 Things No One Told Me About Breastfeeding blog post.

.  Our NCT meet up happened this weekend too. It was so nice to be reunited with all the other mums. I breastfed in public again and I was surprised at how comfortable I felt around the ladies. I found myself forgetting about where I was and just focussing on them and their babies. It was actually a really pleasant experience. I suppose in the end we are all in the same boat.

.  And finally it's my birthday in a couple of weeks (honestly I completely forgot!) and James keeps asking me what I want.. I was thinking something practical, like a suitcase? I know, incredibly boring! If you have any suggestions please leave them in the comments below! I am open to anything!

Anyway, how was your week?