The Weekly Edition #58

This week has been absolutely chocked full of ups and downs and to be honest, next week isn't looking that much better either.

Anyway, on to my week;

.  Phoebe had her 6 week doctors appointment. If you read my last Weekly Edition I was told by my health visitor to give Phoebe expressed top ups which was near impossible.. and I felt was pretty pointless. The doctor reassured me that although my little lady is in fact 'little' she is following the 9th percentile to the mark. I was so relieved I felt like a right dairy cow most days. Sometimes when I was feeling energetic I would feed and pump at the same time. Impressive, right?

.  With that bit of positive news there had to be a bit of bad news. Knox was admitted to animal hospital on Saturday as his back legs kept wobbling and then giving way. Cue all the worry and the stress. So far all we know is that his heart is ok but they have started looking into neurological reasons as to why it's happening.. fingers crossed for my little one.

.  Obviously I had to cheer myself up somehow so I ordered a couple of bits from the Disney x Cath Kidston 101 Dalmatian collection. Maybe I will do a haul post when it all arrives?

.  Finally I need some post pregnancy weight loss motivation. At the minute I just seem to be reaching for all things sugary because I am tired all the time. Breastfeeding isn't helping either because it makes you so so hungry. I really want to start exercising but I just don't know how.

Anyway, how was your week?

Love, Jo.