My Baby Hacks

Being a new mum, everything is hit or miss, or what works one week doesn't work the next. Let me tell you, it is exhausting! But don't worry! Here are a few things I have found works every time, no fail!

Phoebe was only a small baby when she was born, and we learned pretty quickly that she likes to be warm. After numerous failed attempts at putting her down we invested in a heat pad. This warms her bed and takes the edge off before we put her in it. You can also use a hot water bottle, but it obviously doesn't hold its heat during the night. You also can't regulate the temperature, so you may find yourself waiting for the bed to cool slightly before putting the baby in it.

This white noise app is a godsend. Truthfully, this didn't work at the beginning, although I can't fault it now. You have to time is right, but when you do! Boy! It is like magic, especially the vacuum cleaner on full blast.

You soon learn that a hot cup of tea is a thing of the past, like, something you would find at the end of a rainbow. I ended up purchasing a small travel mug and finally being able to enjoy a steaming cuppa again!

I don't know how many near misses I have had when it comes to dropping my mobile phone on Phoebe. Trust me, your phone is your only companion on those lonely 3am feeds. One of the NCT girls recommended a phone grip which I thought was the perfect way to avoid concussion and a very grumpy baby.

Nappy changes often involve warm water and cotton wool. However, some explosive changes just can't wait for the boiler to kick in. I have started leaving a large flask of warm water next to the changing mat now. It definitely saves time, especially if you are desperate to just go back to bed!

On the subject of nappy changes, breastfeeding doesn't half contribute towards a rather runny poo. It wouldn't be a baby blog post if I didn't mention the fact that Phoebe has nearly pebble dashed a wall on numerous occasions. Nappy off time is quite difficult, especially if you want to let your baby air dry, so I have been using my hairdryer on the coolest setting to dry her bum. Not only does she love the sound, but it also means items of clothing are saved from the laundry basket on a more regular basis.

Do you have any hints or tricks that have gotten you through the first few weeks? Leave them in the comments below!