28 Jun 2017

My Current Favourite Disney Vloggers

As you may, or may not know, I love Disney. I mean, who doesn't? With the birth of my daughter I have especially enjoyed watching a Disney Vlog, or two.. Actually, I am pretty sure James would agree I am verging on the obsessive, but you can't be too prepared for our trip when Phoebe gets a little bit older!

Other than your obvious Tim Tracker and Tom & Sophie vlogs, here are a few I have been enjoying recently.

I mentioned these two in my most recent Weekly Edit. Not only are they fellow Northerners but they cover more than just Disney. It has been a long time since I visited Busch Gardens and it is just lovely to see how it has changed!

Frances is a new discovery of mine. The relationship she has with her mother is literally the sweetest thing! Watching them ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train was a hoot! I absolutely love watching their Disney days.

I am fast becoming quite a big fan of Dan and Hayley. I also think the name of their channel is incredibley inventive!

I am still catching up on the backlog of vlogs from A Tangled Life. I am trying to take it kinda slow too so I don't run out anytime soon!

Victoria actually has two channels, and to say I am obsessed with both is an understatement. I ended up watching all her 2016 vlogs in just a couple of days.. Using my maternity leave wisely obviously.

Has anyone else got any Disney vlog recommendations? I feel like by the time Phoebe is old enough to go I'm going to be a Walt Disney World expert!

Love, Jo.



  1. I had no idea Disney vlogging was a thing?! definitely getting on these right now! I love Disney too!
    Jen, Velvet Spring x

    1. You didn't?! Argh! I feel like I live in Disney World I watch them so often! Ha! x


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