My New Mum Necessities

Now I am 12 weeks in I feel pretty confident recommending a couple of things for all you new and perspective mums out there.

I never thought I would rely on this as much as I have but, geez. This has been my saving grace through those long nights, (Parks & Recereation!) times when Phoebe just won't be put down, and those all consuming cluster feeds.

This small purple tube has been a godsend, especially whilst breastfeeding. Believe me, when you have cracked and blistered nipples this product is a miracle worker. I also found that after birth I suffered from the worst dry lips ever! I am talking the Sahara. I am pretty sure it had something to do with the change in hormones etc. etc. But HPA Lanolin came to the rescue. Gotta love a multi use super product, right?

The amazing team at Lansinoh have also just brought out this handy 10ml handbag friendly size too at a fraction of the cost (£5.99! Yes! You heard me!) of some of those ridiculously expensive high end brands. This will definitely be one of my beauty staples from now on, and the fact that it is additive and paraben free is an added bonus.

An Easy Makeup Routine
For the days when a full face of makeup and carefully sculptured brows are just not possible. You can check out all my time saving products here.

Time Alone
Don't feel bad for craving alone time. It is completely natural.. I hope! Recently my mum bought me a massage for my birthday. Even though it was only an hour, it was just lovely to relax and focus on me for a change.

Love, Jo.