Review: Avril Cosmetics

Going organic and cruelty free with my makeup has really appealed to me, but I guess I haven't really known where to start! It wasn't until Avril contacted me asking if I they could send me a couple of bits did I really appreciate what cruelty free really meant to me.

What I first noticed was how natural everything was. As a new mum, gone are the days of pink eyeliner and pots of glitter.. Well, on the weekdays anyway! This brand is also really affordable, so not only are you doing the planet some good, you are also doing the same for your purse.

I love the shape of this Black Volume Mascara* brush, it graduates in size and coats every lash really nicely. Including those hard to reach corner lashes because it has such a tapered end. The formula looks quite dry and clumpy on the brush but it is anything but once applied! It really elongates my lashes without too much layering.

This 2 in 1 Eyeshadow Liner* in Noir Charbon/Taupe Nacre is perfect for the upper and lower water lines, as well as using the lighter shade as an eyeshadow. The black crayon is perfect for a smudgy feline flick too. I love dual use products, anything to save space in my already full to the brim makeup bag.

Gotta love a powdered blush. I find cream blushes don't really help my oily skin, and it often just adds to the shine. This little blush* in Terre Cuite is so pigmented and also compact. (See above comment on my overstuffed makeup bag)

This nude eyeshadow palette* isn't particularly pigmented on the brush, but if you use your fingers you are on to a winner. It does mean you can't be as precise though. The shades are lovely and natural, and you can easily go from a day to an evening look using any one of these pans.

This lipstick* in Corail No. 596 is such a gorgeous shade, and absolutely perfect for summer. It doesn't pass the drinks test, but the consistency of it is super smooth, so another application doesn't hurt! It is comfortable to wear and oh so moisturising!

I am definitely an organic convert now! What are your favourite organic products?

Love, Jo.