Becoming a Sephora White Card Holder

That's right. I spent far too much in Sephora, but what blogger wouldnt? After becoming a new mum, treats come few and far between, and well, I deserved it!

European Sephora's don't really compare to stores in the US but I think I did pretty well regardless!

I think it is safe to say I raided the mini's good style. I had seen Benefit's Galafornia Blush floating around the bloggersphere for some time now and desperately wanted to try it out. But refusing to pay the extortionate price that goes along with a Benefit blusher wasn't going to get me anywhere fast.. This mini is perfect though, and look at that teeny tiny brush?! The shade is extremely pigmented, so a little goes a really long way.

I have been wanting to pick up the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in like, forever! I am quite finicky when it comes to mascaras, especially high end ones. My favourite has to be Benefit's Roller Lash, so to say I don't usually jump right in when purchasing an expensive mascara is an understatement. I think my main reason for this is because there are tons of amazing high street ones around at the moment. I have yet to try this yet, but I just know I will fall in love with it.

I was in the market for a new primer, and since I loved my last Sephora Primer that much I thought I would give this one a go.

Merci Handy was a blogger made me buy it moment, no regrets though. It is probably the cutest hand sanitiser product on the market at the minute! And the fact it comes in a mini, well..

I am such a sucker for eyelid primers, I mean, do they actually work? Makeup brands must just see me comin'. I have tried all sorts, but my oily face always wins out, therefore I am really looking forward to trying this. I have it on good blogger authority that this is the product for me, and I suppose no real expense was spared since it was another mini, but we shall see!

The obligatory Sephora eye, lip face etc. etc. stash.

And my biggest expense. I actually got this marginally cheaper than back home due to the exchange rate..  Well, that's how I justified buying it. But the less said about Brexit the better, eh? The Too Faced Natural Love palette is just incredible, it has all my eyeshadow desires in one place. As you may know I am not one for the really harsh smokey eye, so this is just perfect for me. I don't own any Too Faced palettes either, but I think I picked a doozy with this one.

If you want a blog post with swatches just let me know in the comments.

I also loved how it came with a handy tips booklet for the less experienced makeup artist such as myself.

These items were on sale and were pretty much a last minute purchase since I had forgotten to bring any type of moisturiser (but remembered all of Phoebe's toiletries... hm) and the essential dry shampoo.

Love, Jo.