Our Week in Bergerac

Well, not quite Bergerac but pretty close. We stayed in a small village called Lauzun, about 40 minutes drive outside of Bergerac, and very close to Eymet.

Our hour long flight went without a hitch, which is surprising especially when travelling with a baby! I will more than likely write about this in a separate blog post. I picked up Louise's new book in duty free, the obligatory blogger Starbuck's coffee and waited to board.

We were staying in a self catering gite out in the countryside. The area was so beautiful, we were surrounded by fields of wildflowers and horses, and our local neighbourhood chickens were very hospitable too.

Our first full day was spent very sleepily. We went to our local Intermarche and stocked up on all things delicious; speciality meats, regional cheese, and of course, macarons. Can I just admit now that I hate macarons? They are disgusting! I know, so unbloggeresque, but how good do they look in photos?

Trying to do as the Lauzun locals do we went to a kind of, fete in the park that evening. There was live music and food stalls. It was lovely, everyone was so hospitable too.

The next couple of days we followed around the cyclists in the Tour de France. I was placated with a trip to Sephora, and the tastiest pistachio and coffee crème glacée, but admittedly I am closet Tour de France fan too. We bought Phoebe a King of the Mountains vest and watched them finish in Bergerac and then start the next day in Eymet.

Whilst visiting Eymet I had my first drink in a year! And in proper holiday style it had to be an Aperol Spritz.

We also visited a vineyard to do some wine tasting, you know, just to make sure Phoebe appreciates a good vintage. We concluded this with a trip to the local chocolate factory. What two things could a girl ask for more?

Before we boarded the plane to come home we picnicked under a weeping willow overlooking the Dordogne. Perfect! I will definitely miss the daily morning trips to the boulangerie!

Love, Jo.