When you have a baby everything changes, and it's kind of up to you how you adapt to those changes. I mean, there wasn't a day that went by when I wouldn't have a face full of makeup and my hair perfect coiffed.

In addition to that, my selfies would be oh so perfectly poised. I even got to the point where I wasn't just using my phone anymore, but the remote control option on my Olympus Pen, obsessed much? But now I am, or will be, embracing au naturale. Nearly all the pictures of me now have a muslin cloth flung carelessly over one shoulder, eyebrows as wild as a jungle, and my hair in the wonkiest top knot known to man. Oh! And that's not to mention that my face is often half hidden behind a very inquisitive infant.. I guess what has prompted this post was Very's Big Selfie Survey.

I am constantly scrolling through Instagram looking at other mummy bloggers with their perfect arial shots of them lying wistfully on the bed kissing their newborn baby on the nose. Or! Holding their immaculately behaved, nappy clad child in one hand and the biggest bunch of flowers this side of Interflora in the other.  Like, HOW! My selfies are now not a thing of beauty, but something I send to James during the day to let him know me and Phoebe are still alive.. New parent worries are still a thing 15 weeks in lemme tell you.

I worry sometimes about how easily I get sucked into the unreachable though. Like, I definitely think the percentage of those who use a filter on their photos is much higher than 33%. Come on everyone! Where's your honesty?! I freely admit to using filters which dramatically reduce my panda eyes and give me luminescent Disney princess skin.. Anyway, I think despite how fun selfie's can be, it is so important to remember that you shouldn't compare yourself to strangers on the internet. It is definitely something I have to remind myself of daily though.

It is so peculiar how the selfie style evolves over time, mood, circumstance and even fad. Selfies have also recently become a thing of animation. My Snapchat and Stories are usually me bringing a coffee cup up to my lips on repeat, over and over again.. Because that is sometimes just my day!

I myself love a good holiday snap because food doesn't really last long enough for me to take photos of nowadays. James definitely doesn't understand the craze, I am pretty sure he isn't a secret selfie taker, and taking 16 selfies a week sounds a bit excessive, even for me!

What is your selfie style? What do you think of Very's Big Selfie Survey results?

Love, Jo.