The Weekly Edition #60

I remember when I did enough to write about each week. Ahh, those were the days. Now I occupy my time changing nappies and watching Mickey's Clubhouse.. A little part of me is secretly pleased about the latter..

Anyway, on to my week(s);

.  I finally caved and realised that breastfeeding wasn't working for me and Phoebe. She is a very hungry baby, and she was feeding almost every half an hour! Obviously that kind of made it hard to do anything or go anywhere, which has undoubtedly taken its toll on my confidence and other things.  I am combination feeding at the moment in the hope that in a couple of weeks time she will be on formula full time. She is so much more settled and happy. I just know how hangry I get when I need feeding, I can't imagine feeling that all the time!

.  We go on holiday next week. I can't wait, a week in the French sunshine (wishful thinking, eh?) although my post pregnancy body is much to be desired. Cue a Primark shopping trip to stock up on shorts and tee's, and possibly a cheeky ASOS order.. I already have my reading list sorted, but be prepared for numerous 'summer ready' blog posts about to hit Flourish & Blotting hard!

.  On the subject of my post pregnancy diet, I have started brisk walks in the evening, weather dependant of course. I know it doesn't sound like much but it's something. I have also cut down my chocolate consumption. Being sleep deprived the majority of the time has me reaching for anything sugary numerous times a day. Not good!

.  Also, how good was #GirlBoss on Netflix? You can tell what I have been binge watching recently! That, and all the Disney Vlogs.

Anyway, how was your week?

Love, Jo.